#Bloggersbash | What I learned about Bloggers and Blogging

I know you’re probably fed up of hearing about it, and I promise this will be the last you see of it on this blog… until next year, that is!

The #BloggersBash 2015 is over. We had a great time. We honoured our favourite bloggers with awards. We ate, drank, and chatted. And it was quite an amazing experience.

On Friday, as I drove to Dublin airport, I began to wonder what I had let myself in for. There was no turning back now. I was boarding a plane for the UK capital, being picked up by Sacha Black, who I had never met before, who was kindly taking me into her home and making me dinner, before going on to my hotel in a town I’d never visited before.

The next morning, I was meeting twenty or so other bloggers, none of whom I had met beyond communicating via our blogs, and with Geoffle, Hugh and Sacha, we were going to stage the first  ever Annual Bloggers Bash Awards. To say I was nervous is an understatement.

I’ve never been good in a crowd, one to one is more my thing. To draw attention to myself by presenting an award, well, the thought of it turned my knees to jelly. So it was with some degree of trepidation that I took my selfie in the airport and dutifully posted it on Twitter. Can you see the terror in my eyes?

Of course, I needn’t have worried. Sacha put me at my ease immediately. By the way we gabbed non stop all the way home, you would think we had known each other all our lives!

The next morning, we met Geoffle and Hugh slightly ahead of everyone else so we could get everything straight. Again, it was like meeting old friends. And then, onto the statue of Newton outside the British Library, where a circle of Bloggers had already assembled… this was it!

We stood nervously around for about two minutes, but by the time we had introduced ourselves, posed for pictures, and horror of horrors! said our piece on video at Hugh’s request, we had already begun to relax and form little knots of like-minded bloggers.

As the day passed (way too quickly!), I realised a few things;

Bloggers are shy. There’s no getting away from it. That’s why we blog, rather than star on the stage, radio, or in movies. We don’t like being the centre of attention. This was nowhere more apparent than when winning bloggers stood to accept their award.

What you see is what you get. Every blogger I met was exactly as they portrayed themselves to be on their blog. No airs and graces, no hard frontage, no act. Just genuine.

Bloggers have something to say. They may not choose to get on a soapbox to say it, or wish to debate and argue, but you would do well to listen, because it took a lot of thought before it went up on their blog. It’s why they started a blog in the first place. And it comes from personal experience.

Blogs are addictive. Bloggers love blogging. Once they start, they just can’t stop. Why? Because they get instant feedback on whatever they post; because by blogging they have entered into a unique community of like-minded people; because it is such freedom to be able to say exactly what you want, without interruptions, to other people who ‘get’ you.

Blogs are not a selling tool. Which is contrary to everything we have ever been told. Experience shows us this. Other bloggers confirm it. Who cares? That’s not what it’s about any more, anyway. Besides, it’s such FUN!

Bloggers are not anti-social. This is what non-bloggers think, because we are often up blogging in the middle of the night, spending our time with ‘virtual’ friends from all around the world, rather than with our local flesh and blood friends. It’s not true. Bloggers like eating, drinking, going to pubs and parties, etc, and chatting just as much as anyone, and Saturday was proof of this.

Bloggers are easy to talk to. Yes, we are. Bloggers are not aloof, hiding behind the specialised knowledge on their blogs. They are open, honest, and welcoming. They share information, experiences and expertise. And feedback will generally be constructive at the very least.

Bloggers look like their bio pics! They really do… except for Sue, who has ditched the beautiful red locks to return to her softer, natural colour, and very lovely she looked too! Personally, I have acquired a few more lines since my bio pic was taken, but generally, it was easy to identify each other.

Blogging takes up too much time. Blog posts take research, and header images, before you even start writing. It all takes time. Time you should be spending on finishing that novel, editing, cooking dinner, playing with the kids, going on dates with your partner, walking the dog, doing your day job. It has to be managed and scheduled, but that’s easier said than done. Whatever you do, you feel guilty about what you’re not doing.

Blogging unites people around the world. It makes the world a smaller place, a global community. Bringing people together like this can have quite a positive impact. Think of 1000 voices speak for compassionor helping a fellow blogger going through difficult times, or aiding a courageous individual in his support of a worthy cause.

I could go on, but luckily for you, I won’t, as midnight has already been and gone. As Sacha says, bloggers ‘burn the candle at both ends, and in the middle’. Suffice it to say that it is looking very likely that there will be another #BloggersBash with associated ABBA’s next year, and that it is going to be bigger and better than ever! Hope to see you there.

95 Comments on “#Bloggersbash | What I learned about Bloggers and Blogging

  1. What an exciting meeting… I love your account and insights on blogging/bloggers…
    I bet this upcoming blogger gathering will be even better… Best of Luck. Aquileana 🍀

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  2. I just found this post today Ali… I agree so much with everything you say. I’m not good with crowds either, so these kind of events are out of my comfort zone, but it’s good to push your shyness boundaries from time to time. It’s all worth it in the end when you meet so many like minded addicted bloggers. it’s good to know that we’re not alone in our blogging addiction. My hubby just doesn’t get it, in fact if he had his way he’d ban it all! Ha ha maybe he should come talk at the bash try to cure us all!!!

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    • Hi Roy. I was a bit nervous, not about meeting people, but worried that they might not be how they presented themselves on their blogs, that they might not be the people I had grown to know and feel some kind of connection with… what if none of us actually liked each other and got on in the flesh? It turned out to be completely unfounded and unneccessary worrying!

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  4. Such great truths in this post ~ the world and mind of a blogger is a sea of thoughts, worries and a blog is this great release. Creative and artistic, and as seen by all your followers, make up such a great sea of diversity and life. One day I hope to cross the pond and take part in the bloggerbash and experience it first hand. Step out to see and meet what lies behind all those great words, photos and thoughts 🙂
    Great post Ali and wish you a great rest of the summer!

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    • Ah thank you Dalo! I like the thought of a bloggers mind being like the sea; endlessly washing upon the shores of imagination! I hope to meet you one day at the Bloggers Bash, too. All the best to you…


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  6. Hi Ali, and I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get over here to read your wonderful post. I love everything you say here, all of it so, so true. And yes, definitely blogging takes up too much time but here we are anyway 🙂 Once again, I so enjoyed meeting you, I would love to have chatted with you longer. I was so sorry to miss the meet and greet at the library but so glad to have made it for the rest (but I am mortified by my video and want to hide away…yikes). It’s great to connect here and I very much look forward to blogging alongside you from now on. I hope you had a good flight back home and are getting back into the swing of things. Do we ever though? I seem be playing permanent catch up, but it’s defnintely worth it! 😀 xxx


    • You are so right, Sherri, permanent catch up it is indeed! I had over 70 WordPress email notifications to read today as I had visitors over the weekend, and never even looked at my email, or my WordPress reader. The BB was fun, and I think next year is most definitely on the cards. I suspect I’ll see you there?

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      • I don’t blog at the weekends either Ali, and it is the same for me on a Monday. If I don’t get on top of it at the beginning of the week, which I rarely do (I’m writing my first draft of my first book, a memoir, and with the end in sight, I’m desperate to get it finished) then that’s it! We’ll get there though, one way or another, right? 😀 Yes, I plan on it, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise as ‘they’ say, …ha!…and I so look forward to meeting up with you again 🙂

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          • Thanks so much Ali…I will be singing from the rooftops when I get to that end (although of course I know I have the edit yet to come!) 🙂

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            • The edit is the fun part! I love editing… it’s what turns a collection of thoughts and words into a book. It should be called crafting not editing… editing has such negative connotations, but it is actually something very positive, in my view anyway. 😀


  7. I laughed out loud when I read your description of bloggers – all true. I can talk the hind legs off a donkey and drink like fish but am still shy. It reminded me of a Comic con event without the fun costumes. Maybe I will get the chance to go to one of these events and disgrace myself…:)

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  8. I do hope I’ll be able to meet you guys next year. As for the description of bloggers, you really nailed it. Except for the “bloggers look like their bio pics” of course, as mine makes me look much more handsome than I really am 😀

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      • Lol – I’m counting on that 😀

        I’m reminded of a friend, who was telling me that he met an old family acquaintance this summer. This woman, an old lady by now, had last seen him when he was a teenager. As some 30 years have passed since, her reaction was, perhaps, inevitable:

        “Lycourgo, what happened to you? You’re so fat! And bald!”

        The poor man, he’s still trying to get over the shock… 😀

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    • Thank you! Yes, it was really fun! One thing I didn’t mention was the great sense of humour! I laughed till my sides ached! Mind you, much of that may have been caused by Geoffle!

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  10. Hitting the head exactly on the head, Ali. Wonderful write up, and I can’t believe it has been almost a week since the bash.

    It was lovely to meet you and to work with you, Geoffle, and Sacha. I think we made a great team and I only hope we get hired next year by the Boss lady 🙂

    I suppose that is it now, as far as the Bloggers Bash goes, until next year? Then again maybe not. Something tells me that a certain ‘app’ is going to keep the party going 🙂


  11. What a good summary; your role as group secretary is secure! I’m not sure about me and introvert! I have a mixed relationship with groups but generally it doesn’t take much for me to show off. Not that you’ll have noticed of course! Thank you for making the weekend so memorable!

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  12. It was excellent, wasn’t it? And I agree about all your points, especially the horror of having to talk on camera! 🙂 Looking forward to next year already, I hear rumors that we’re renting out Buckingham Palace for the day xx

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      • I live in Fl, USA. And, I DESPISE traveling! I went to London for my oldest daughter’s graduation from high school, in 2005. I was terrified all the way over, and back. Definitely a white knuckle flier.

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        • I have to admit, I am now more aware of all the things which could go wrong. And my writers imagination has an annoying habit of providing me with vivid detailed images of how that would look and feel. When I was younger, it didn’t bother me in the slightest.


  13. Reblogged this on graemecummingdotnet and commented:
    Well, if you weren’t already sick of it…

    Seriously, the Bloggers Bash has clearly had a significant effect on everyone who was there – and I get a sense that it is becoming a ripple effect, spreading out and infecting those who couldn’t make it (or somehow missed all the posts about it and didn’t realise they could be there).

    But we’re all individuals, and we all experience things in different ways, so it’s great to get the different perspectives. And here’s Ali’s….

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  14. Thanks for sharing this, Ali. From my point of view, your insights about bloggers couldn’t be more right. I hope to catch up with everybody in person next year!

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  15. Thank you for filling me in, Ali. Little did you know why you all met at the statue of Newton…that is our last name!
    I was interested to read about the bloggers being introverts because I am naturally quite extroverted. I am naturally quite a “swinging from the chandeliers” type of girl only I’ve grown up a bit. For me, blogging also becomes a form of chatting, which also bridges the gap with me getting out of the house at times to socialise.
    That said, I’ve suspected I’m a bit of an exception.
    It’s reassuring but not surprising that people matched up with their profiles and blogs. I blog with a number of people who attended and they are seem pretty genuine to me!
    By the way, Sydney’s Irish Famine Monument has it’s annual celebration coming up and I thought you’d be interested, even if you can’t make it:http://irishfaminememorial.org/
    I’m hoping to get to the seminar and the gathering. I am descended from Irish Famine orphan Bridget Donovan who was living in the Midleton Workhouse before she came to Australia. I’ve researched much of my family and she is almost completely invisible, almost haunting. xx Rowena

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    • Well, it was only a small group, Rowena, so probably not truly representative. But it was good fun! How amazing that you could trace your family back to Bridget Donovan like that. I hope she went on to have a happier life. Xxx

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      • I do think the majority of bloggers are at least somewhat introverted, especially if they’re not promoting something.
        Here’s a link to the blog I put together about Bridget and it has some photos taken at the building which was the Female Immigration Depot where the Female Irish Famine Orphans stayed for about a week when they fiurst came to Sydney. I went there right at the end of the day and there were only a few people there. The building has very high ceilings and as my boots moved across the wooden floorboards, my footsteps echoed and I could almost feel Bridget reply through those eerie echoes. I needed to spend some money to take my research further and put it on hold. Must get back to it. I still haven’t even been able to find her death.

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  16. Ahhh – I’ll be there for the blogger fest in 2016! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, so I could experience all, vicariously! LOL 🙂

    My experience here at WordPress world and with Bloggers in general is much the same, though I’ve never been able to attend the meet/greets/confereces –

    Those I talk to each com from different nationalities, political persuasions, religious views, etc., – and yet, as I connect online with one after another, I always think of this George Eliot quote:

    ““A friend is one to whom one may pour out the contents of one’s heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.”


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  17. What a fantastic event it turned out to be , and quite unique. It was lovely having you all introduce yourselves to camera and it felt quite personal too from those of you I knew. (I don’t think I;d have recognised Sue though without the introduction).
    I hope the event happens again next year and gets bigger then goes from strength to strength really honouring those special bloggers amongst us with a unique voice- you included.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  18. It’s so cool that you guys did this. You’re a good actress too. You look genuinely terrified in those photos. I’ve enjoyed all the reports about how it went too.

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    • I WAS terrified lol! I’ve been out of the workplace a long time, so its years since I’ve had to assert myself in a group of strangers… Although of course they weren’t complete strangers.

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