Friday Fantastic Flash with Geoff le Pard & Sacha Black

Last week’s Friday Fantastic Flash Challenge was based on Deception and Lies, and Geoff le Pard was first off the mark with this wonderful piece… take it away, Geoff!

She said the tablets were for sciatica. Ha! I should have suspected. She’s never had back ache. Pain in the proverbial at times, but I put that down to the usual, you know her monthly wotsit.

I may never have realised. We were old enough not to care about others. I understood, given what she’d said about her past, that she would be reluctant on the physical side. Geez, of course she’d be a bit reluctant in the intimacy area. And I assumed the scars were, you know, from that relationship.

We talked about kids. We’re a bit old may be, but not that old. I wasn’t that keen in truth so it wasn’t an issue. We sort of left it open.

Looking back the clue was there on Facebook. That photo of her primary school, when they tagged the wrong person and I laughed that she’d not noticed.

Things changed after that. For a week or so she spent long hours at work. Then she asked me to collect the repeat prescription. Maybe she told the pharmacist to say something. Maybe she knew I’d ask. ‘Hormones,’ that’s all I heard.

Sitting in the car, the pieces have jammed into place like a badly cut jigsaw. And that photo. The little blond lad tagged ‘Lesley Grade’.

I’ve sat here for two hours. She’s at home, waiting for me. The kids aren’t going to happen but so? And she’s had a hell of a time. Is it strange she finds trust difficult? I want to hold her, but whether it’s to strangle her or hug her I’m not sure.

I thought I’d explode, wondering what to do. That’s when it occurred to me I was still calling her ‘her’ and ‘she’. Maybe that’s what I should hang on to.

Geoff has already written these two books, and is currently working on at least another two that I know of, including a dark YA fantasy, which I have just had the privilege of beta- reading for him. You can buy them here. You can catch up with him on his blog.

Next up is Sacha Black with this naughty little number, full of teen angst…

She wrinkled her nose, stuck her hip out and folded her arms.

“Frankly, Justin, it’s only a lie if you get caught.”

Despite my best efforts not to look cynical wrinkles formed on my brow.

“Right, and you figure that how, exactly?”

“Simple isn’t it?” she said, picking up her folder ready for class, “if u keep consistent and tell the same story, everyone accepts it and you,” she pointed at my chest, “don’t get accused of lying…” She leant into my face, so her nose touched mine, “that makes it a truth.”

She popped a kiss on my lips and giggled.

“It’s hardly a truth Leah. I’m still deceiving everyone, and what I did was wrong.”

She rolled her eyes, “do you wanna get into uni or not?”

“Course. Can you imagine what my parents would do if I didn’t get in? I wouldn’t have stolen the paper if I wasn’t desperate. But…” my stomach twisted, bile rose in my throat, it was bitter. A flash of what I’d done. The touch of Miss’s hand. The sweet rose perfume I’d watch her spray through the classroom door before I entered. The quiver of her lip as she handed over the paper. Her skin was so soft.

“Promise me Justin,” miss said, “promise me no one will ever know.”

“I shouldn’t have done it, Leah. What if they find out? What if I ruin her career as well as mine?”

Leah’s face grew dark, her eyes narrowed.

“Silly cow shouldn’t have taken a liking to ya then should she? Look, this is this isn’t about you any more, this is about all of us you have helped.”

“It wasn’t like that, I forced her. Tempted her, She’s only 4 years older than us you know.”

“So you do like her?” her neck was flexing, her face shook as pink rose up her cheeks “how could you?”

I opened my mouth to answer. She put her hand up cutting me off.

“I thought you loved me,” she screamed, as she stalked away.

“I did,” I whispered, “I did.”


Sacha is currently working on her first Fantasy/ YA/ Dystopian novel called Keepers, which is just about to enter the editing stage. In the meantime, you can find her on her blog, where she shares her writerly experiences, and enthusiasm for all things weird and wonderful.

So to this week’s Friday Fantastic Flash Challenge…

You are drifting down, down through deep water. It is dark, cold, murky. You sense there is something else out there. You are not alone. Will you sink or swim?

You can submit here, I will include links to your blog and books. Entries must be under 500 words, but please remember that I write YA, so there may be young people on this site… please keep it family friendly. I really hope you will join me and take part in the craic!

25 Comments on “Friday Fantastic Flash with Geoff le Pard & Sacha Black

  1. Not normally interested in flash fiction, but the reference to Geoffle made me take a look (obviously I’m bang up to date with these posts. Anyway, really enjoyed both stories. Thanks for sharing them, Ali

    Liked by 1 person

      • It’s an attractive offer, Ali, but I’m better at long and rambling narratives. Even the blog posts can take days to get down to around 750-800 words (first draft is usually twice that). And that’s a reflection of the art of flash fiction.
        I believe it was Winston Churchill who said that if he had to give a five minute speech he’d need to rehearse it for five hours, but if he had a five hour speech to give, he’d only need to rehearse for five minutes. As a public speaker, I agree with that – and as a writer, I think the same principle must apply. Otherwise, how could Stephen King produce so many books?
        So I won’t say never, but don’t hold your breath waiting

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  2. Why does everything have to change?
    For as long as I can remember I’ve been here, warm, comforted, constantly fed love. The light is beautiful, the place is just… safe.
    But recently I’ve felt somehow different. First it was the shocks, like quakes in the walls. I knew not to be frightened, I don’t know why, but looking back that was the start. Then I noticed things. Everywhere was getting smaller, tighter and I kept twisting and turning.
    But the voices told me to stay calm. I heard voices now. A lot.
    And then, one morning everywhere exploded. From feeling safe to terrified; from not noticing my surroundings to being aware of water – everywhere: in my eyes, my nose, my throat. I pushed and clawed. There was one way the voices told me but by now I was getting cold and everywhere was dark and dangerous.
    I wanted to stay, to go back to how it was but that wasn’t an option. The walls were closing in, crushing me. I had to get out.
    One minute I was drowning in the dark and cold; next it was lights, screams everywhere, constant movement. I couldn’t stand it but I had no choice. There was no going back.
    Hands held me, comforted me and a single voice rose above the din.
    ‘It’s a girl.’

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  3. I loved reading both these pieces, wonderful! Geoff really had a twist at the end. 🙂

    Is the prompt for next week to write about being under water? If I have time, I’ll try to participate. That’s one of my favorite places to be for short amounts of time, under water I mean. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sorry Éilis. The prompt is: youvare drifting down, down through deep water. It is cold, dark, murky, and you sense something is out there. You are not alone. Will you sink or swim? I will amend the post to include the text… dont know why I left it out.

      Liked by 1 person

            • You can email it to me or post it in the comments. Or post it on your blog and link in the comments, but then maybe not many would see it if they dont bother to click your link. But I will, and I can copy and paste it into next weeks post. Whatever you prefer, Éilis! Xx


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