Sarah Zama’s Thursday Quotables and Me

Letting Go Coverjpeg (2)Not so long ago, I gave away a free download of a short story I had written, and thought nothing more about it. (You can get your free copy here, if you missed it first time around.)

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email notification from Sarah Zama’s beautiful blog, The Old Shelter, and found it was all about me! Or rather, my short story, Letting Go.

You can read what she had to say about it here. Thanks so much, Sarah, I am honoured and delighted; it was a lovely surprise, which made my day.

21 thoughts on “Sarah Zama’s Thursday Quotables and Me

  1. Fantastic enthralling story, the imagery was unbelievable, thoroughly enjoyed your story, reminds me of story’s I have read, that had the same compelling nether world intrigue, that depicts the folklore of the Celtic mythology
    Well done, Bravo


      1. Wow, just grabbed a cup of coffee (and an orange flavoured Kit-Kat) and read the story. You certainly drew me in. I loved the way you mixed both world up so that they were almost one (kind of like the space that overlaps when two circles overlap – if you get my drift). I loved some the quotes as well, my favourite being that it was her tears that filled the lake.

        Magical stuff, Ali, even if a little scary. 🙂

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      1. Rubbish, no one can create a cover for your own work better than you? Because the idea is in your head and you will put just as much effort into it as the text.
        Well thats my opinion for what its worth. You should give it a go when you get a chance, I can give you pointers on the tech side of things if your stuck.
        Here is a challenge for you, do an alternate cover for the first Conor Kelly, it could be an anniversary edition???

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