Conor Kelly’s Legends of Ireland, my latest book-baby flies the nest!


It occurred to me that not all people who love Irish myths would be prepared to wade through a trilogy of YA novels to get to them. My Conor Kelly series are stories woven around tales of Irish mythology, as found in the Mythological Cycle, and the Fenian Cycle. Now, I have decided to liberate some of them, and give them their own ebook.

Also included is a new story never published before, based on the gorgeous love story from the Mythological Cycle, ‘The Dream of Óengus Óg‘, a tale which has certainly captivated me and dominated my dreams of late. If you enjoyed my posts on swans and shape-shifting recently, you will love this story!

So if you adore the legends of the ancient world, of adventure, magic and mysticism, mighty Kings and noble Queens, fearless warriors, beautiful Princesses and the mysterious fairy folk known as the Sidhe, if you love stories of love, battles, tragedy, and courage, where the fate of a person is bound up in the land and the spirits, plants and animals which inhabit it, then you should know that Ireland’s mythology has it all in abundance.

This could be the beginning of a new and wonderful friendship!

“There is so much more to Irish mythology than ‘The Children of Lir’, as beautiful a story as it is.Those brave or foolhardy enough to step between the veils to enter the magical realm of the Sidhe and learn more risk much, but surely the search for enlightenment is worth the challenge?

“Let me be your guide, and all will be well. I invite you to accompany me now on an epic journey four thousand years back in time to the shadowy past of Ireland’s long-lost legend, where fairy kings and Goddesses walked amongst mortals, and where feats of magic, swordsmanship and courage were customary…”

So if you want to walk the walk, you’ ll need the links first. You can buy Conor Kelly’s Legends of Ireland on, Amazon. com, and Smashwords, where imminently it will feed through to Ibooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and the rest. It’s a bargain at only 99c/ 99p.

Oh, and after just 24 hours on, it has already entered the top 100 paid in one of its categories… nice!

      #86 in Kindle Store > Books > Literature & Fiction > Mythology & Folk Tales > Mythology

106 Comments on “Conor Kelly’s Legends of Ireland, my latest book-baby flies the nest!

  1. Sorry Ali, my holiday in Ireland throw me so behind with my blog and my blogging friends, so I’m only now coming to this.
    It sounds so intersting. I love Irish lore. And cheers on entering the Amazon top 100 so early. But I had no doubts 😉

    And hey, this is the first time I see the new look of your site! I really like it. I’ve been looking mobile friendly theme myself… for the problem you know, but haven’t decide on one yet… I’d hate to renouce to my dar background, which is what I should do if choosing a new theme.
    Ah, let’s see… things change so fast…

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      • Wonderful! I was in Ireland with three friends, all the first time they visited… though in some why I have a feeling I was the one who enjoyed Ireland the most… but I migh tbe mistaken.

        I’ve posted a few pics on my blog… in case you manage to see it. I’ll be posting about the Cliffs of Moher soon and also abotu Kilmainham Gaol.

        Ehhh… I’m just home, and already I can’t way to go back….

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  3. Sounds wonderful, Ali. Is your trilogy complete now? I can’t start it until it’s done as the old memory can’t handle the breaks. Would you suggest the trilogy first and this after, or doesn’t it matter? 🙂 I’m almost ready for a new read.

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  4. Those brave or foolhardy enough to step between the
    veils to enter the magical realm of the Sidhe and learn more risk much, but surely the search for enlightenment is worth the challenge?

    This gave me chills, Ali. Perhaps you know just how true your words are. Too often lately I feel like I have been in the foolhearty category. Both the risks and what it takes to continue despite them is far more than I could have imagined. But even in the moments where everything falls apart, love is stronger than fear. The journey is always worth it. Don’t expect to ever, ever be the same: but you will know and live the truth of all you are, and to go on, accept all you find.

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    • Okay right, have I said yet that I can’t spell? That would be foolhardy, but you know, in my defense, being foolishly hearted makes so much more sense in the context than the way we’re supposed to write it. 🙂

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    • That’s very poetic, Éilis! I think you are right though, love IS stronger than fear. I dont think I’ve really faced any challenges yet. But I do think Ive started a journey. As in all things, I seem to be slow and cautious. 😊

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      • It sounds like you very much have, Ali, and slow and cautious is totally fine. There’s no race to a journey. That is one of the first things I have learned. Take steps at the pace you can. I feel like, particularly lately, all I have really been saying, asking, or occasionally yelling is, slow down, which works roughly half the time. 🙂 But that isn’t the case initially, only when you’re in the middle of becoming and continuing through is the best, perhaps the safest, option. I’ve been through a lot of challenges, I still say it’s worth every moment.


        • You certainly have. 😊 I’m glad its all worth it… that’s good to know, because Im sure there must be moments of doubt.


          • Yes, there are many of those moments. But also moments when you find what is true under all the doubt and hold onto it even though everything appears chaotic, and emerge more whole and stronger than before. And there are moments of pure joy. Oh, and you have tons and tons of fun. Well, I do, often, at least. 🙂 And lots and lots of growing. And at least in my experience, if you’re not prepared for a challenge at first, you will be by the time you go through with it. But I’d say the joy in knowing who you are and the fierce love you share with those who walk your journey, like a family, is a constant, like a space to hold you, even when it can, and occasionally it might, appear otherwise.


  5. Reblogged this on The Sound of What Happens and commented:
    A new book on Irish mythology by Ali Isaac, a must read! Ali is a brilliant author, whose stories will captivate and inspire you. Her words weave a path between the worlds for anyone who dares pick up the threads and follow them. It is worth … everything!


  6. Reblogged this on Journey To Ambeth and commented:
    A new release from Ali Isaac about the legends of Ireland’s past. Ali is a wonderful writer who captures the mystery and magic of legend so well – this is definitely on my ‘to-read’ list!


  7. Gorgeous cover, Ali! And I bet the writing is fab too – adding it to my ‘to-read’ list… plus I’m about to reblog on journeytoambeth 🙂 xx

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        • Haha! That 50 shades crap made MILLIONS for the author… far more than stories of mythlogy do, so dont knock it lol! Maybe 50 shades of Irish mythology might have more appeal…

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          • I know, I was coercied into reading a few pages by Hazel. The writting to me was very amatuer, not very captivating. I reckon it was the PR and content that made it so popular. Sex does Sell.
            Now if the truth be known, much of our Mythology would have been far more shocking than 50 shades.
            But then that might take away from the stories, themselves.
            Brian Boru and a tent full of harlots might not have the same effect as knocking 50 shades out of the Viking Hoardes 🙂

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  8. Brilliant Ali! Off to click straight away. How did you know I needed something to put on my kindle? Almost chucked it out the window in a fury yesterday over the rubbish I’d been induced to download.

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      • Actually, Amazon won’t let me download it. Periodically it tried to drive me out of my mind. Sometimes it’s by telling me I can’t leave a review because I’ve never made a purchase (?????) Sometimes, like today, it tells me I can’t buy a book through .com, that I have to go to .fr. When I go to .fr it tells me my account is registered at com. so please go there to purchase. I go round and round in circles for a while then give up. It should have got over its brainstorm by tomorrow. I hope!

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  10. Ah ha! She slips out a new release without warning? Or did I miss something? A wise man (or woman or shape shifter) knows his (her/its) myths and legends. Splendid idea Ali.

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    • Thanks Geoff! No big song and dance about these… apart from one, the rest have already existed in a prior incarnation for some time.😊


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