Friday Fantastic Flash No.4 with Sally Cronin, Geoff le Pard and Sue Vincent

So this was the Friday Fantastic Flash Challenge last week;

You come face to face with a serpent, winged and fire-breathing, or venomous and land loving, you decide, and tell me all about it.

There were three entries; first off the blocks was Geoff le Pard with a cheeky little poem… methinks he probably wasn’t taking things too seriously, or else he’d been knocking back the old vino!

Can’t miss
Each hiss
I Piss

Geoff has already written these two books, and is currently working on at least another two that I know of, including a dark YA fantasy, which I have just had the privilege of beta- reading for him. You can buy them here. You can catch up with him on his blog.

I was very honoured indeed to receive an entry from Sally Cronin this week. Sally writes beautiful short fiction, is a great supporter of Indie authors, and has written many books of her own.


There were a couple of things that Darren liked to conceal from people. One was his pathological fear of snakes that did not sit well with his athletic, masculine and gym-toned public persona. At five years old his well-meaning parents had bought him a Jack-in-the Box type toy for his birthday. He had screamed like a girl when a two foot and very life-like banded snake had launched itself at him from the stupid thing.

The other secret was his little gambling habit. He did love those horses but unfortunately they did not love him. Lucky for him he had the good sense to have married Becky, daughter of a multi-millionaire retailer. Darren played at being an Estate Agent, but with the downturn, his commission was as extinct as a Dodo. Recently the account with his bookie had plummeted deeply into the red. Their frequent telephone conversations had become downright hostile.

His wife, though pretty to look at, was a bit of an airhead and with a generous allowance from Daddy, rarely bothered to check her bank balance. Darren decided to do a little mining into her account and knew she would never notice. He gradually syphoned off thousands of pounds to cover his debts over the next two months.  To celebrate he suggested that he and Becky head off to Thailand for a second honeymoon.

They stayed at the best hotel close to the sandy white beach where the calm waters invited the visitors in for swimming and water sports. For the more adventurous, deep sea snorkeling was on offer, and surprisingly Becky took to the activity like a duck to water. She headed off with one of the undersea guides every day for several hours.

Darren was a little miffed if he was honest. He got a bit bored lying by the pool and sipping a selection of exotic drinks off the cocktail menu. At the start of the second week Becky suggested that he might come with her out to a small reef just a five minute swim off shore. He donned his mask and after some tips from Becky on how to breathe and dive with his apparatus, they headed away from the beach.

He had to admit it was pretty stunning seeing all the brightly coloured fish and coral life and he relaxed into the adventure. Suddenly, Becky appeared right in front of him with her hand behind her back. She gestured to him to rise to the surface.

They both removed their masks and as the warm water lapped around his neck he saw her gloved hand reach out towards him rapidly.  He felt the sharp pain in his neck and looked down to see the brightly coloured, writhing body of a snake. As his vision blurred he screamed like a girl and looked at his wife treading water calmly.

As his eyes met her cold and steady gaze, she mouthed just one word.


Sally’s links: Blog :


All books available in print and E-versions

And finally, whilst not strictly a piece of flash fiction, Sue Vincent had a narrow escape when she came face to face with a real, live adder when rambling her beloved hills, you can read about it here. Sue is a prolific writer, and has sixteen books to her credit, here are just a few of them. You can buy them here.

So to this weeks challenge.


Conflict: you’ve had a row. Harsh words were spoken, which can’t be unsaid. Do you fall apart, or kiss and make up?

You can submit here, I will include links to your blog and books. Entries must be under 500 words, but please remember that I write YA, so there may be young people on this site… please keep it family friendly. I really hope you will join me (and Geoff) and take part in the craic!

34 Comments on “Friday Fantastic Flash No.4 with Sally Cronin, Geoff le Pard and Sue Vincent

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  2. ‘You used the f-word.’
    ‘Yes, but I…’
    ‘Dawn says if you are getting so angry, maybe I should worry about what might happen next…’
    ‘You’re not serious…’
    ‘I’m just saying, Dawn thought…’
    ‘But what do you think? Do you really think I could, what? Hit you?’
    ‘It’s in the paper ever week.’
    ‘Sure it’s in the Express. Hardly the home of accurate reporting.’
    ‘I don’t think I deserved to be treated like that. I was only asking…’
    ‘You said I don’t want you here.’
    ‘No, that’s what you wanted me to say.’
    ‘I’m sorry?’
    ‘You’ve never wanted me here.’
    ‘That’s what you said to me.’
    ‘What did I say?’
    ‘I really doesn’t matter.’
    ‘That I didn’t want you? I would never say that.’
    ‘It doesn’t matter.’
    ‘No, if I’ve said something wrong tell me.’
    ‘There’s no point.’
    ‘What do you mean?’
    ‘You’re my mother. I can’t divorce you or send you home can I? Shall I make some tea.’


  3. Verisimilitude by Sacha Black

    “I like my nails long, Paul. French polish, because it makes them tidy yet elegant.”

    I walked round the chair he was tied to and stopped at his back. I leant into his neck and drew a nail up his skin digging as hard as I could. A trickle of blood oozed down his throat. How far was he willing to go for this?

    “After what you did, Paul, I willingly sacrificed them. Can you feel their razor sharp point?”

    “You’re a psycho, Shona, untie me.”

    “You have to be joking, you’re never getting untied. In fact, you’re never doing anything again.”

    I picked the hunting knife off the table and tapped the point.

    “Excellent,” I breathed. It was just as serrated as my nails.

    “Shona, this isn’t funny. I said I was sorry. Now, let me the fuck out.”

    I slammed the knife down into the chair right between his bare legs. The point punctured the wooden base and stood erect like a soldier at attention. Sweat trickled from his forehead and splashed onto his thighs. I bent down and licked it off.

    “Scared are we?” tingles of excitement raced through my body. I wasn’t even sure what I would do, what I could do. What was allowed?

    “Shona, sweetie. Please.”

    “Shh, now.” I said, placing an index finger onto his lips.

    I drew level with his face, tension narrowing my glare to a cold slit.

    “Are you ready?” I said, curving my hand round the knife and pulling it out of the seat.

    I slammed the blade into the chair. His scream echoed around the theatre as applause erupted from our audience.

    I turned and bowed. Paul gave a nod, still tied to the seat. The judges stood. My shoulders relaxed, tears spill down my face as I breathed relief. We had smashed the audition.

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  4. Cracking post from Sally. Geoffle is hilarious!

    Im furious I missed the deadline I thought I had another week. DEFINITELY doing it this week. 😀

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  5. Great entries, Ali! I’ll have to remember to call in today to see what the theme is since WordPress doesn’t send me notifications from Cavan 😦 You must be in some kind of mystical black hole.

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