Author Feature: Ali Isaac

Nick was kind enough to feature me on his blog today. He gave me a lovely intro, thanks Nick! If you have never visited Nick’s blog, you should, because not only does he write great sci-fi, and cute kids books, but what he doesn’t know about Indie publishing isn’t worth knowing. He occasionally drops in the odd nugget or two of Greek mythology, too, and his features on dodgy book covers and titles are laugh-out-loud hilarious!

Nicholas C. Rossis

Ali Isaac needs no introduction. Still, I’m going to give her one, as I’m terribly fond of this remarkable author, with a silver tongue and a hand to match. She recently launched Legends of Ireland; her third book in her Conor Kelly YA fantasy series. Or, as she explains, a side project that came about because of people’s interest in Irish myths and legends.

Because, you see, Ali has not just written some of the most moving blog posts I have read, but she is also a veritable treasure trove of information on anything Irish. Which is strange, as she’s not even Irish! Indeed, in a blind fit of jealousy I might even claim her as a fellow Greek. To find out why and discover this remarkable lady, just read on.

But first, an introduction to…

Legends of Ireland

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Click to buy on Amazon

There is so much more to Irish mythology than ‘The Children of…

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12 Comments on “Author Feature: Ali Isaac

      • He certainly did, Ali! But that’s not hard to do, you know, because you already shine brilliantly. 🙂 Brilliant interview. Kind of missed your alien abduction, got to catch me up on your life there. Lol!

        Oh and yes, you certainly don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. That even goes for spirits. 🙂

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      • Hey awesome also about the running thing.

        So, I have a question to relay, no pun intended, (apparently), would you ever be up for a running partner… just for fun. I know someone who’s interested. 🙂

        That person of course isn’t me, mostly because I live on a different continent but also because I can’t run.

        You are inspiring me to make a commitment to myself to get out more, though. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • I would love a running partner, but tell him I’m very slow! But getting there. By the end of this week I will be running 5km (3 miles) but I am carrying on to 10km (6 miles) which should take me another 6 weeks to get there. When Indis leg is fixed, I will start walking again too. Maybe you can get out more now your work on your thesis is just about done… when is your defence?


          • Oh no, what happened to Indi? I hope she’s okay!

            Slow is quite fine, Ali. Wherever you’re at with it, it’ll be fun. And, I am also passing on the following: and, (not to be taken seriously) it seems you will be needing someone to make sure you don’t get abducted again by an alien while your out, said with a mischievous grin I’ll add, so you can get the whole picture. 🙂

            Yes I should be getting out more soon! It’s hard when I’m doing so much thinking and philosophizing as well as still completing a lot of challenges to feel like I can actually walk around somewhere and not get myself lost. Lol This has been a particularly motionless week because I got sick. Poor Allegro has had to be way too patient. But anyway, that’s over, so I should be out again. And, I’m defending December 11! Woohoo! Writing my conclusion. 🙂

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            • Oh, you still have some work to do… I thought the big day was closer than that, for some reason! Yes, you can take a well earned break over Christmas, and then get out a bit more afterwards, depending on the weather of course! I’m glad ‘someone’ is watching over me so I dont get abducted by aliens again, lol! I imagine he is quite mischevious! As for poor Indi, it was thought he needed a hip replacement, and although he does have two dodgey hips, it is actually a torn ligament in his knee which is causing his limp, so he will be getting surgery on it soon. He’ll be leaping about like a puppy before long, no doubt!


            • Yes he’s quite mischievous, and curious about everything; I still think he’d make a brilliant scientist in this day and age. 🙂 I’m keeping Indi in my thoughts, and sending healing energy for her. How old is she now? I know hip issues can be a problem for a lot of breeds of dog. I am watching Allegro closely for it too, he’s eight and has had some signs that have me on alert. At least there are surgeries now and ways to keep the pain under control.

              Oh and yes, this is going to be one awesome Christmas/solstice season this year! 🙂


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