Sept poetry challenge: Hands, the entries

I wrote a poem, inspired by Carys’s recent acievements, for Jane’s challenge, and she published it on her blog, along with a whole heap of other fantastic poems. She had a great response. I am chuffed, because I don’t write much poetry, and Jane is very encouraging and supportive. There’s going to be another challenge tomorrow… why not give it a go?

Jane Dougherty Writes

Last week I threw out a challenge to write a sept poem on the theme of hands and using the detail from the Arnolfini portait as inspiration.

Here are the poems you sent in, a string of pearls.

First and second, nicely balanced pieces, came from Kris the Bard

All too soon
We grow older
Childhood hope
Is long


Next a lovely inspirational poem from Ali Isaac

Take my
Hand and go
I’ll be your guide
Your support
Be brave

Then Harriet Goodchild’s beautiful verse

Hands trace
Patterns slow
Love’s sweet embrace
Touches flow
In grace

Rivrvlogr has given his philosophical sept a title: Offering

no exceptions

To read Peter Bouchier’s poem: Clap, just nip over to his blog.

Elusive Trope, the instigator of all this sent this…

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13 Comments on “Sept poetry challenge: Hands, the entries

    • Thank you. I love poetry but have never studied it. It doesnt come naturally to me, and sometimes what seems to me to be a poem probably isnt technically. Also, I often find that its one of those art forms which some people get very snooty and superior over (no one in this community, I might add! 😊) but I do find that quite offputting. Jane is very encouraging though, and sees poetry in everything!

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    • Thank you so much Noelle! I think thats because you have come to know Carys’s story, so you have a connection with what Im saying.


    • Lol! Thank you! I guess Carys’s attempts to walk are never far away from me at the moment. She just lacks confidence. I know she can do it… she’s just not convinced herself yet, but she keeps trying! 😊

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