Two Little Words… or Maybe Three?

Thank You

To everyone who read and commented on my recent post, My Daughter is NOT Disabled!, I just want to say two little words… Thank-you, and Sorry! (Is that actually three?)

I haven’t replied to any of you yet. To be completely honest, I was quite overwhelmed and blown away by the  beautiful, impassioned responses you wrote, and as you know from previous posts, I tend to get a bit weak and watery at such times.

When I read your comments, I just can’t understand why humanity is in such a bad place. Clearly, you are all a wonderful minority I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by.

Today, though, I will reply to each and every one.

6 Comments on “Two Little Words… or Maybe Three?

  1. As a community there is a lot of understanding and caring out there. But, often we are satellites surrounding another body which has pulled us in. In this case that body is you Donna ( and no, not because I’m saying you have a bigger gravitational pull) because you yourself are so understanding and caring.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


  2. Can I just correct you on something? Because I don’t think humanity is in a bad place. It’s the minority who are causing the problems. What’s interesting is that, when the minority make the bad stuff happen, the majority express themselves so forcefully (take the response to Paris over the weekend, for example) the only surprising thing is that the minority don’t seem to notice. The really great part about this is that the majority seem to be coming together more, supporting each other, regardless of faith, colour, sexual orientation…

    So, have faith, Ali, because, although there will always be terrible things happening in the world, increasingly the people in it are the kind we want as friends and family.

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