Bloggers Bash Myth 2016: Part 1- Behind the Scenes

BB2016: Behind the Scenes...

BB2016: Behind the Scenes…

“What d’you think?” asked Geoffle, turning away from the mirror. “Purple or pink?”
The Black Witch eyed his rainbow beard, reaching for her tinted flying goggles. “Jesus, Geoffle, purple is good, but neon dayglow is so 1980s.”
Geoffle grinned. “I know. Best decade of my life.”
Sacha sniffed. “I wasn’t even born then.” She brushed her perfectly manicured purple talons gently across the surface of her beloved airship. “Is that gonna hold? I mean, elastoplast is great for holding skin together, but airships?”
“It’ll hold,” said Geoffle with confidence, cringing at the sight. “Skin is skin, after all. Might I suggest you keep your claws… I mean nails away from it, though, just in case.”
“It was sabotage,” she replied, gazing at him with her deep, dark eyes. “You know that, don’t you?”
“How can you be sure? Maybe you’re just over reacting.”
Sacha reached into her amulet, and pulled out a crumpled piece of parchment which she thrust at him. “Read this,” she demanded.
Geoffle’s eyes quickly scanned the document, then looked over the top of it at her. “BOOB?”
“Exactly.” She raised one perfectly waxed brow. “It’s all over the ’net. And that’s not all. Have you seen this?” She handed him another sheet.
“The Truth App?” Geoffle spat. “What twaddle.”
Sacha’s other brow rose in line with the first. “But is it, though? Look who wrote it.”
Geoffle gasped. “Hugh.”
Sacha nodded grimly. “What’s he playing at? Is he the saboteur?”
“Could be. I mean, whoever it is has an awful lot of information about the ABBA’s. Most likely it’s an inside job.”
Sacha shook her head in despair. “I can’t believe he’s betrayed us like that. Why?”
“Maybe he wants your job. Maybe he’s jealous of your popularity.”
Sacha snorted. “I doubt that. He’s got a proper army of crazy-in-love blog followers.”
“Exactly. And they’ll do anything for him. It’s like he has them under a spell or something.”
Sacha’s face darkened. “Spell. What kind of spell? No one casts spells around here but me.”
“I’ve never trusted people who are so nice. How is it possible to be so nice all the time? He’s hiding something, I’m telling you.”
“Yeah, like a dark soul.” She shook her head sadly. “I can’t believe it.”
“Well we mustn’t jump to any conclusions. It might not be him.”
Both Sacha’s brows ratcheted up a notch in unison. “Surely you don’t suspect Ali?”
“Why not? She is Irish, after all.”
“What’s that got to do with it?”
“Well, they appear to be friendly enough, don’t they? But they’re a war-like people. They killed each other over a bunch of cattle, remember? And not just once, either. She didn’t win an award last year. What might she be willing to do to get her hands on an ABBA award?”
Sacha sucked in her breath. “I’ve just thought of something. Ali and Hugh came joint 4th for an award last year. What if they’re disgruntled? What if they’re in cahoots?”
Geoffle shook his head. “Nah, it’s Wales he moved to, not Cahoots. And she’s across the channel. I’d say we’re safe.”
“For now, maybe. We’ll have to cancel. We can’t risk holding the Bash under these circumstances. Who knows what might happen?”
“Let’s not jump to any hasty decisions. And let’s not bow to the pressure. That could be just what they want. Then they’ll swoop in and set up their own awards, and the ABBA’s will be gone forever. Is that what you want?”
“Of course not. The show must go on.”
Geoffle smiled a wicked smile. “Indeed. Let’s make it bigger and better than ever. And if Hugh and Ali are up to something, let’s set the bait and flush ‘em out. Let’s call their bluff.”
“Yeah,” Sacha’s eyes blazed with triumph. “Today London, tomorrow the world! One day, the Bloggers Bash is gonna be bigger than a Kardashian backside, just wait and see.”
“Yeah. I hope we’re wrong about them,” he said. Sacha laid her hand on his arm. “Thanks, Geoffle. To think I once suspected you. You’ve been my rock.”
Geoffle smiled. “That’s all water under the bridge. So. What do you say to taking your new and improved airship up for a test drive, and check out some locations for the venue?”
“Why not? I was thinking Timbuctoo this year,” smiled Sacha enthusiastically. “Or Outer Mongolia. Give all those lovely friendly foreign bloggers a chance to meet me. What do you reckon?”


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46 Comments on “Bloggers Bash Myth 2016: Part 1- Behind the Scenes

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  3. Reblogged this on K Y R O S M A G I C A and commented:
    Sometimes it is good to reblog especially if you get a chance to go behind the scenes of a Bloggers Bash. Follow the antics of Ali, Geoff Sacha and Hugh, otherwise known in Geoff’s words as gang of Four – Ali ‘bog diver’ Isaac, Hugh ‘The Welsh’ Roberts, The Geoffle and their Supreme Commander de Blog, Sacha ‘Eyebrows’ Black, at the dastardly bash. You won’t regret it…..


  4. Oh this is too much fun and an airship too. If I could use the airship I would want to go anywhere it is. Thanks for the entertaining post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Donn a, thanks for dropping by and commenting. I’m sure Sacha would be more than happy to give you a lift to the Bash in her airship… she comes across all scary, but she’s a pussycat really. Ssshhh… don’t tell her I said that! 😉

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  5. LOL! How creative! Ali, watch out, it may be Geoffle. You know, you can’t trust anyone these days. Or perhaps Nicholas. Maybe he put in his two cents worth to throw you off.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I can’t believe they have us two down as the culprits, Ali. Oh, wiat a minute, who wrote this post? 😀
    Great account of what is really going on. I know nobody will believe you, but I certainly did move to Wales so the rest must be true. 😈

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ha bigger than a Kardashian backside. Truly you have invented anew unit of measurement. The Kardashian! Excellent summary of the worries. Conspiracies abound…

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Buckle up folks… the next few months are likely to get bumpy as the the four conspirators that organise the Bloggers Bash begin to ramp up the preparations. That is if they can stop the in-house machintions. I am hoping to go and sort them out myself in June but that depends on the house sale… so you may have to go and do the job for me… The shenanigans have already started!


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