The Dance Tree #writephoto

Tree #writephoto Thursday Photo Prompt image (c) Sue Vincent

Tree #writephoto Thursday Photo Prompt image (c) Sue Vincent

After a brief comments conversation with Helen Jones, I wrote my story inspired by Sue Vincent’s prompt and beautiful picture.

She danced when the world was young and green, and she was all that was in it. She danced for herself and for joy, and the glittering eyes of curious stars. Her dress billowed on the breeze, a filmy sheath of mist and moonlight, revealing nut brown limbs which beat a barefoot tattoo into the soil, matching the throb of life deep in the earth.

New flowers sprang up in her footsteps, animals hopped into being as she passed by, created by her energy. Life surged around her, for she was life.

Mankind watched first with fear, then with adoration, and reaped the bounty she created for them. Laughing, she twirled and leapt, swayed and span, wilder, faster, for their adulation.

Her dance bore her across the world, populating every inch with life, and she was mother to it all. But the more she danced, the more man took. They plundered her bounty, and began their own dance.

The earth whirled and froze and thawed and aged. She danced just like she always had, for life depended on it. But her limbs stiffened. Her skirts swirled and settled in folds around her, and finally she stood still. She lifted her arms to the heavens, and the universe took her back, leaving only a shell rooted in the earth, praying for forgiveness.


45 Comments on “The Dance Tree #writephoto

  1. Ali… your writing is so moving… I truly enjoyed this one. The contrast is well shown… And the progression made me think of Persephone, who was related to Harvest… She was abducted to the underworld by Hades. Her mother Demeter searched for her for nine days and nights, preoccupied with her loss. Until she got her back to the surface… After her abduction by Hades she became his wife and Queen of the Underworld, six months of each year. Whilst she spent the other half of the year with her Mother on Earth.
    I guess we as Human Race are also on a sort of dark phase… we struggle to make it better though, so maybe we also might have the chance to spend our lives in a less destructive environment… consider it a wish, and not much a factual statement… Half and half, you know… Both sides of the same coin.
    Sending love and best wishes. Aquileana πŸŽ‡βœ¨


    • Thanks Aquileana, that is such a beautiful story! So complex, with so many layers. I have become so focussed on Irish legends, that I have forgotten it is actually the Greek ones which got me started on mythology and archaeology as a small child. I lived in Cyprus and used to walk round all the ruins with my father. You are right, alternate sides of the same coin indeed!

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  2. Beautiful, poignant, sad story, Ali. Your description and images are vividly wonderful, I’m so glad you were inspired to write this. πŸ™‚


  3. Well, I do love this, Ali – it brought a tear to my eye. It reminded me of a Hans Christian Anderson story, especially how it ended – I’m so glad you decided to write it πŸ™‚

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