I’ve been SHORTLISTED for the Littlewoods Ireland Bloggers Awards 2016! #LWIBloggies2016

Excitement overload! I just found out I’ve been short-listed in the Arts and Culture category of The Littlewoods Ireland Bloggers Awards 2016! To say I am delighted is an understatement! You can tell just by the number of bad boy exclamation marks in this short paragraph! Luckily, this being a Blog rather than a Vlog, you don’t have to witness my demonic grin, demented jumping up and down, and depraved ‘happy dance’. Sighs of relief all round, huh?

But see, this is where I really need your help, because in order to progress through to the next round, I need your vote.


Yes, there is a public vote, and it’s brief; voting opens today, WednesdayΒ  17th August, and closes Tuesday 23rd August. That’s only one week to get your vote in, so please don’t put it off till later… you’ll only get distracted by important, real-life meaningful stuff, like should you have peas or beans with your dinner, or taking the cat for a walk, or which selfish sod (ahem… it wasn’t me. No, really it wasn’t!) drank the last dregs of that last bottle of wine.

If you have ever enjoyed anything you have read on aliisaacstoryteller, please VOTE NOW. It would mean so much to me. How? By clicking the whopping great ‘VOTE FOR US‘ button. Lol! You can’t miss it! And please don’t forget to annoy tell all your friends, family and social media followers too.


Go raibh mΓ­le maith agat. A thousand thank you’s! Not just for voting, but for supporting me and my blog over the years… it’s been a wonderful journey so far, and you’ve all been great company. 😊

73 Comments on “I’ve been SHORTLISTED for the Littlewoods Ireland Bloggers Awards 2016! #LWIBloggies2016

      • Always a pleasure. I’ve seen a few others bloggers posts on it and I’m like nope, Ali got my vote! ☺☺☺ x

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          • Always, how’s things going otherwise? I take it you’re excited about the award. Has Sacha got you slaving over next years bash already? 😜

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            • Haha! You know what she’s like! πŸ˜‰ We are just getting started on it, actually. We all asked for a break over the summer and she almost sacked us and got a new committee! Only joking! We are looking forward to the Bash being bigger and better than ever next June.

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            • I wouldn’t put it past her, she’s quite a driving spirit lol (joking, she’s sweet I know)
              I’m looking forward to it next year.
              How did you get onto this awards list?


  1. I’ve been and voted and also done a WordPress ‘Press This’ on this post, Ali. I’ve told all my followers to go and vote for you.
    Congratulations on being shortlisted, and the very best of luck in the voting.

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    • What??? I have just checked the links and they worked! What is going on? Thanks for letting me know, David. And thanks for voting! Huge hugs to you!


    • Aw you’re a star, Chris, thank you! I don’t think the links went live till about 10 am this morning… when the email said voting starts Wed 17th, I took them literally at their word! They never mentioned a time. And I had meetings this am, so I couldn’t get to my laptop, I was feeling quite frustrated. But anyway, links are up now.Phew! xxx

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  3. Oh my goodness, Ali, that’s the most fantastic of news!!
    I see the link doesn’t work yet. I’ll try later. And I’ll share as soon as the link goes live πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks Roy! I don’t want to annoy people by harping on about it, but I will send out some subtle reminders! 😁


  4. Congratulations, Ali. I’ll certainly vote for you. I’m not sure but I think voting may be open from September 7 for two weeks.

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    • Hi Colin, voting started today and only runs for one week. The links are working now, but I was a bit stressed for a while there. 😊 Still, better late than never!


  5. Congratulations! (And might just be because I use the iOS app, but clicking any of the buttons only enlarges the image rather than taking you to vote; couldn’t find any links hidden in the text.)

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