44 thoughts on “How to get your copy of ‘Conor Kelly’s Guide to Ireland’s Ancient Places’.

  1. Hi Ali,
    I’m really enjoying book. I’ve only read the Tara section. But from there, I start looking up things, for example, the Hill of Slaine. For example, I’m sharing below. I love your weaving of the myths with the place names. Makes it all come alive. Thanks for the Hard Work! And I think it’s very generous of you. X, Yvette

    It is said the Fir Bolg King, Slaine Mac Dela, legendary first High King of Ireland is buried here and also a mythical well the Tuatha de Danann used for healing wounds during battle. Slaine is credited in legends to be responsible for clearing the woods for the building of the mounds at Newgrange, Nowth and Dowth. The ancient dischendias have this passage:

    Sline, king of the Fir Bolg, and their judge, by him was its wood cleared from the Brugh. Afterwards, he died at Druim Fuar, which is called Dumha Sline, and was buried there: and from him the hill is named Sline. Hence it was said: Here died Sline, lord of troops: over him the mighty mound is reared: so the name of Sline was given to the hill, where he met his death in that chief abode.


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    1. Hi Yvette, glad you’re enjoying so far, it’s lovely to hear that, thank you! 😊 Yes, Slaine is a wonderful place, both in terms of its medieval Christian history, and its archaeology and associated myths. Sadly, the landowner does not allow access to the ancient site, and is quite strict about it. Its fenced off with electric fences, and you cant see any of it from the ecclesiastical ruins, for which there is public access. I went there in September with some friends who came over from the US, and wrote about it for the blog, here’s the link if you’re interested…


  2. Congratulations and well done for making this freely available Ali. I think you, as I do, take pleasure in knowing that people read your work with financial recompense very much a secondary consideration. One day I’ll come back to Ireland for an extended stay and you have given me many reasons to do so.

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    1. Thanks Roy. 😊 Its not all about the money, its true, although when I published my first book I kind of hoped I would raise some funds to help buy special needs equipment for Carys. Unfortunately, I didnt even raise enough to cover the cost of the book… laptop, Word, map drawing software, book cover etc. Whoever thinks producing a book is free is so wrong! Now I just write because I have stories to tell. But my other motive is to share Irish mythology in what I hope is a fun way. With this particular book, I wanted to show that the places mentioned in my books are actually real, not a fantasy world building exercise, because I wasn’t sure how clear that was in the story. Also, I thought people who read the books might enjoy visiting one or two of them should they ever come to Ireland. I still get nervous if I know someone is reading one of my books! 😁😄😅

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    1. Hi Yvette, no problem. Did you get the newslettter today? If you did, look halfway down it till you see the cover of the book displayed. You can either click on the image of the cover, or on the red download link beneath it. Hope that helps. Any problems, just get back to me, and I’ll email you a copy. ☺

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      1. Hi Ali, I got the email. It only shows me the first few sentences. If I want to read more it directs me to click, which brings me to the web site where it directs me to subscribe. Which I did, duh. But I’m a long time subscriber so I don’t know what is going on. Weird. I did get the boar post yesterday. I am truly really looking forward to the book. Thanks and I am sorry to pester you. I’ve been reading about Teamhair and the surrounding sites lately. I like your map too.


        1. That’s weird! I always send one to myself to check it out before I send and it was working no problem. Don’t worry, send me your email address via my contact form and I’ll email you a copy… what format do you want, kindle, epub or pdf? I don’t want you to write your email address in a comment in case of spammers. Have all the other newsletters been ok?


          1. Ok. I just checked the boar message. The same thing. I get a few lines and have to click to read the rest at your blog which is no problem. I prefer reading on blog and wind up on your blog when I’m studying a myth story frequently. I am on Apple and an IPad. Maybe that’s it. I’m saving for a computer. Thanks I’m sorry again.

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            1. Lol! Don’t be sorry! But I don’t know why its doing that. It shouldn’t be. I’ll have to investigate. Thanks for letting me know. Don’t forget to send me your email address so I can get you a copy of the book. 😊


            2. Just a thought… have you checked email settings? Only the blog post emails come from wordpress and the newsletter comes from mailchimp so you are getting the same problem from two completely unconnected addresses. Might be worth looking into…


  3. Holy Blog Ali. This is amazing stuff. It’s such a brilliant idea. I know that you want to give your subscribers a treat, but seriously, after you’ve finished doing that, would you ever get the damn thing up on Amazon and sell it? It’s flippin’ genius! The world needs it, then they need to review it, and then you need to be made Myth Laureate or something!!

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