Film Trailer (video) for ‘The Search for the Seanachaí’, and I’m in it (briefly) 😁!

Last spring, I was interviewed by film maker, Peter McGee, for a new project he was working on, entitled ‘The Search for the Seanachaí‘. Here is the trailer for the film, see if you can spot me! 😁

35 thoughts on “Film Trailer (video) for ‘The Search for the Seanachaí’, and I’m in it (briefly) 😁!

  1. Hahaha! You just created a new word, Finola! Might have to borrow it at some point. Actually, as bloggers, we’re all storytellers, aren’t we? Doing our bit to keep the tradition alive in its modern sense. I think people only perceive a storyteller as someone who speaks a tale orally, but that’s not how it is anymore… film, tv, dvd, cd, blog, books, kindles, computer games, they’re all telling a story, and its alive and kicking!


  2. I’d love to see the film, as and when it’s made. I love the tradition of the storytellers travelling from town to town entertaining the people in return for a bite to eat and a place to sleep. They kept the old legends alive. I suppose their modern equivalent is the guy propped up on a barstool who loves the sound of his own voice 🙂

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  3. I spotted you. What a great trailer and subject for a movie. My Aunt Frances is a Seanachaí ah she is so. She keeps the stories and the lore and the family generations alive and I love to sit beside her and hear it all so that I can keep the stories and pass them on. My Granny Ryan, now, there was a seanachai. The stories she could tell were marvelous and some of them had us all in stitches. Like the time Granny and Great Aunt Brighid were up town, during the time of the Black and Tans in Ireland. They were just coming out of a shop when there was a great explosive sound heard. Granny fell to the ground and was moaning. G A Brighid said “What’s up with you?” “Oh Brighid I’m shot, the devils have shot me.” “Oh Get up Kitty, it was a car backfiring.”

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  4. Haunting: video, words, and thoughts.
    TV, internet, and social media are stealing so much now and it only seems to be increasing.
    But as one said, the stories are alive when told – and someone will hear them. Storytellers are drawn by some spell and realize their importance.
    Blessed is the child who is torn away from all the modern noise and electricity even for a weekend – in hope they will discover what was before.
    (And you looked lovely with the sharp contrast of light and dark)

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    1. I was very nervous. I don’t really like all eyes on me. But I find that I am being thrust into more situations where that is happening. I’m trying to go with it, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel. Listening to a good storyteller is a wonderful experience. This week I listened to someone reading poetry in Old Irish. It had quite an effect on me! I can’t stop thinking about it! 😂

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