Teenage Angst Poem for Sarah

Ok Sarah Brentyn, you asked for it! I rise to the challenge and dare to post my teenage angst poem…

life’s love lost

Now you’ve abandoned me;
Love lost forever.
Life’s web of pathways,
don’t care where they lead.
They all look the same:
bleakness, blackness.
It’s over now,
and all is nothing.

Wow, I must have been such a fun kid to be around… no wonder I was a bit of a loner! 😁Please feel free to join in the fun and tag your #teenangstpoem so me and Sarah can read it.

31 Comments on “Teenage Angst Poem for Sarah

  1. Love it! Oh no Ali, my inner teenager can so relate to this, I wrote a song at fourteen in which a girl is so full of grief from losing a relationship that she fails to see where she is going, falls into a river, and drowns. A little dramatic? Lol! And I was alone a lot too … … it’s just correlation, that’s what I tell myself. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    • Wow that is tragic, Γ‰ilis! I think in our teens we are just starting to realise the deeper meanings of life, and to see how difficult it is, that its not all fun and games and no responsibility, like our childhoods were.

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  2. Can I snigger? I have one of these, but thank god, it’s tucked up in the loft. When I next brave it up there I’ll pull it out and shamelessly send you a snap of it! *shudder*

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  3. You guys seriously need to do something on this for the Christmas market. TEENAGE ANGST POEMS VOL. 1: Pain. VOL 2: Suffering. VOL 3: Loneliness, and Aloneness. VOL 4: Acne.

    Seriously. It’ll be a runaway hit. I’ll buy it. Dammit, I’ll buy 3: one for me, one for the girl I once was, and one for holding back the flood.

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    • Haha! Graeme DON’T DO IT! But please join in and show us one of your #teenangstpoems… you are a deep thinker, you must have some lurking about somewhere…

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  5. Goodness how ever did you survive? Happily I writems no poetry until I was old enough to know better. My dad did though. On thefear of his first parachute jump when he was just 18 and showing it in front of his mates. Quite touching actually

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    • Hehe! Its hilarious to look back on. Every setback was like the end of the world. Teens feel everything so much more deeply than everyone else. At least, they tell themselves they do. How did I survive? Alcohol and coffee mostly! Lol! And writing bad poetry… it was very cathartic! πŸ˜‚

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      • My mind’s in a mess, so cluttered with worry
        Can’t handle the stress, reasoning’s gone blurry

        The strings of my mind, break one by one
        Myself I must find, livings no longer fun.

        Falling through darkness, no landing in sight
        This world is my weakness, my eyes see no light.

        Is it angels I hear, or devils in the dark
        Tell me what to fear, the flood or the ark.

        The tightening noose bite’s into my neck,
        God, cut me lose, I shouldn’t die yet.

        No air in my lungs, I’m weakening fast,
        My life’s just begun, that step was my last.

        The Devil appears from deep in his lair,
        Now that I’m here, I wish I were there.

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        • Ok… you definitely win with this one! 😁 Good job we didn’t know each other then, or we might not be around today! Lol! Growing up is so hard to do. Allthough todays teens dont seem to have too much trouble with it. Maybe it was the times we were in.

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  6. Haha! πŸ˜„ So awesome. I see your #teenangstpoem and raise you a rhymed, metered humiliating flashback. Be back with a channeled Sarah B. original.

    You’re the best. πŸ’– We would have been BFFs.

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  7. Ali, to me that’s an ageless poem – it could’ve been written by someone who is 16, 60 or 110. I can’t even remember being 16, let alone have a poem I wrote way back then. By the way, am I imagining things or do you do your best work at 2am?

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    • Thank you Colin! Actually, all my work goes out at 2am… I have experimented with lots of different times in the early days, and this time seems to suit most people around the world. Strange, huh? Hope it doesnt destroy your image of the writer huddled over her laptop through the early hours, gripped by inspiration and fuelled by coffee… I have plenty of those nights too! 😁


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