Happy #StPatricksDay, Mr. President!

It’s that time of year again… the Irish are preparing to party, big time, ‘cos there’s nothing we like more than celebrating the death of a saint. And all around the world, everyone wants in on the act.

Despite controversy, Enda Kenny is already in the US preparing to hand over the customary crystal bowl of shamrocks to President Trump on Thursday. This is a tradition which was started back in 1963, and symbolizes the ‘special’ relationship Ireland has always had, and hopes to maintain, with the US.

The design of this year’s crystal bowl was inspired by the incredible scrolling knotwork illuminations of the Book of Kells, and features a series of intersecting trinity knots, and engraved shamrocks. It has a scalloped rim which reveals the full brilliance of the crystal. It’s the best bowl, Mr President, and now it’s yours. We know you like all the best things.

Over the past few months, politicians have called for the Taoiseach to cancel his visit to the US. However, even though Ireland does not share the President’s values, Kenny will go ahead with his visit, in order to maintain Ireland’s strong links with the American people.

It’s not just politicians, though; just under forty thousand Irish people (at the time of writing this post) signed the petition “Shamrock for Trump: Not in my Name“, and are still continuing to do so, minute by minute. Bit late now, folks.

Before anyone rolls their eyes and says something along the lines of ‘Let’s not sully a saint’s day with politics,’ let’s be totally honest here; religion has always been about politics and power. Don’t be naive. And don’t have a go at me… it wasn’t me who decided Ireland need to cosy up to the American President with a bowl of shamrocks every Paddy’s Day.

And by the way, Mr President… a shamrock is NOT a four leaf clover. I’ve seen you sporting that vibe on your green cap. Somebody must have given you some fake news and alternative facts. No surprise there.

If you want to read some posts about the original Paddy, instead of modern politics, you can take your pick from these…

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52 Comments on “Happy #StPatricksDay, Mr. President!

  1. The death of a saint , why it almost sounds as if everyone’s glad another stumbling block is out of the way.


    • I’m not sure what you mean… are you referring to people celebrating on the day of his death, or actually celebrating his death? People in Ireland always have a wake when someone dies, I think its a celebration of their life, not their death, and St Patrick’s day is no more than just an extension of that. It used to be an excuse for people to drink alcohol in the middle of the Lent period, but now it is more about making money, especially from tourists… it has little to do with St Patrick anymore.

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  2. “let’s be totally honest here; religion has always been about politics and power. Don’t be naive.” Too true. True, too. Whatever. Anyway, great post despite the politics-which-cannot-be-helped. I can’t click on some of your links but will try again later. I tend to think not of ST. Patrick but of the “snakes” driven out of Ireland. The metaphor. The people. And we come full circle to religion and politics, don’t we?

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    • Always, Sarah. Which is the whole point of the symbolism of the snake devouring its tail, the never ending circle, or cycle of life. 😊

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  3. ‘ Religion has always been about politics and power ‘ true but so has almost everything else. It shows how saintly we all are.

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    • Well We can’t pick our neighbours, unfortunately. My hubby reckons he wont be president for long… but then what? The alternatives aren’t looking that pretty, either! 😭


  4. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. (Guess I had forgotten about the lovely bowl holding the shamrocks. The bowl now belongs to the White House as all presidential gifts do, not President Trump…he’s the current tenant, if that soothes a bit.)
    Here. A have a shrimp taco and a green margarita – you’ll fit in to our Texas St. Patrick’s Day celebrations – and there’s a lot of Irish here and in Mexico (a few of those Irish tales/connections in today’s post. Probably some you’re not familiar with)
    Irish ayes, underdogs forever, and hopes your day is full of joy


    • Thanks Roy, you too! Although we are far enough away from Dublin that parades involves a few tractors and some girls irish dancing, and the local GAA team! There is a lot of eating and drinking too, but no pubs near us, so we are not bothered by drunken revellers. 😂

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  5. Well said, Ali! Yikes, leave it to the Trumpocracy to promote the “alternative facts” (mystified expression) about shamrocks having four leaves. But more seriously, I guess I can see the arguments equally from both sides in this case. Do you take a kind of high road and continue a tradition in the name of custom and consistency, stability and the gesture of hope for diplomacy, or take a different sort of high road and refuse to engage with a psychopath who happens to be the president of the increasingly less powerful and least respected country in the world? At least Trump hasn’t built a huge golf course in Ireland like the one he built in Scotland which obscures tons of residents’ view with the eyesore of a twenty foot wall. He was obsessed with walls even back in the nonpresident days, it seems. Hope you’re well, and despite possible further controversy for it, have a great St. Patrick’s day tomorrow! My friend and I were thinking about renaming the day Irish Pride day, just between ourselves, because I shared with her your article about the guy and how he definitely stretches the meaning of the entire concept of sainthood. 🙂


  6. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Ali! As I write this, Trump is speaking to people in Michigan. Gag me with a spoon! He still holds rallies, as if he were on the campaign trail. He’s such a narcissist, but enough about him. I enjoyed your post about the Shamrock, the Shillelagh, and the Leprechaun. Thank you for not putting the American people on your dartboard, because we love you folks and have many Irish friends. Enjoy the festivities! And please remember us here in the U.S. We need all the good energy we can get. Hugs, my friend 💚

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    • Tina, I don’t think anyone feels he truly represents the American people. But there are people like him in every country, sadly. Hope you can join in the festivities over there on Friday… I think you celebrate it far bigger and better than we do in Ireland, that’s the real reason why our Taoiseach goes over every year! Lol! 😂😂😂

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  7. Terrific post Ali.. over 60 million Americans will be celebrating this friday all claiming Irish ancestory.. we might not like their president but they still want to keep that relationship that they consider special. I have never seen so many things turned green on 17th March when we lived there including the beer… have put in the Blogger.. xx

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    • Lol! Thank you, Sally! 😙😙😙 They celebrate it far bigger and better than we do… I was looking on Google at all the rivers and buildings they turn green… amazing! Hope its environmentally friendly dye! 😁

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  9. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Ali. Personally, I’d avoid this president if I could, but there are going to bigger challenges ahead. Best to stay on his good side if Ireland can. In the meantime, have a wonderful day with family, friends, and nation 🙂

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  10. Happy St.Patrick’s Day, Ali. Do you like Guinness? I think a pint of that over Trump’s head would be a far better tradition. I’ll gladly take the crystal bowl 😀
    Beautiful photography. Love the black and white aspect.

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    • Thank you, Hugh! Yeah, the gift is wasted on him. And I shouldn’t be saying this, but actually, no, I don’t like Guinness… I have tried, but I just can’t like it. But that is an interesting alternative use for it… and as we all know, alternative is all the rage these days! Happy St Pats to you, Hugh! ☘🍺

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  11. Happy St. Patrick’s Day (on Friday)!
    If I were Irish, I wouldn’t want to give anything to dt either. Here in the U.S. though, many of us will gladly send him away. Take him, please! I’m preparing to send him some Ides of Trump postcards today. 🙂

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    • Haha! Mildly controversial, Geoff, only mildly. I didn’t develop a political conscience until my forties. My youth was spent trying to escape reality, alcohol and fantasy novels, even then taking the mild option… think I’ve got some bad behaviour to catch up on! 😁

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    • Thanks, David. Its not till Friday, but I thought I’d get it in early. 😊 Have a lovely rest of the week and weekend yourself! Lots of hugs, Ali 😙 PS. Carys sends hugs too, and believe me, she is the best hugger in the world! 😀

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