Aphrodite’s Rock, #SummerRead #shortstory #romance #Greece

As you may know, I am rather fond of Greece, having spent some of my childhood growing up on a Greek island, and getting married to my lovely husband, Conor, on another. We go back most summers for a holiday.

But not this year. This year we spent time with family in the UK, particularly with my gorgeous Nana, whose 90th birthday we celebrated!

I’m having Greece withdrawal symptoms though, so when the lovely Sally Cronin republished my story, Aphrodite’s Rock, which I wrote especially for her Authors in the Sun Series in 2015, I was surprised and immediately transported to sunnier, more exotic climes. It was just the pick me up I needed… thanks, Sally!


Enjoy the sunshine!

Aphrodite’s Rock

“It’s just as splendid as I remember,” she says with a sigh, a rare smile playing on her lips. “Thank you. I never thought I’d see it again.”

I gaze at the rock; although the sea is calm, water foams and gnaws at its base. Here, they say, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love was born, and the magic of the moment is so intense, I half believe it.

The evening sun bathes the scene in soft gold, and we hang there between sea and sky, crying gulls and the ocean’s soft murmur filling our ears as we rock in our cradle-like boat, and drift with our memories.

Her voice is little more than a whisper. “Do you remember the last time we were here?”

I nod, and think back to that day; we stood hand in hand on the headland, eyes fixed on the rock, mum with tears in hers, and acknowledged there was more to life than love.

“You’ll know love one day,” she had said to me.

“Not me,” I had declared emphatically. “Love is for wimps.”

Mum had turned her face away at that. “You’re too young to be so angry.”

“Anyway, I’ll be much too busy digging treasure out of the ground,” I had added. And that, at last, had made her smile.

“Just you and me from now on,” she’d said, turning her back on Aphrodite, and I had done the same. We had never gone back. Until now.

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Please click the button and pop along to Sally’s blog to read the rest of my story, and why not have a look around and say hello to Sally, whilst you’re there.

I took this image of Aphrodite’s Rock with my first ever camera, a Minolta, when I was about 8 yrs old. Taken from the other side of the Rock as the header image.

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18 Comments on “Aphrodite’s Rock, #SummerRead #shortstory #romance #Greece

  1. Just read the story over on Sally’s blog, Ali. I left a comment over there, but I enjoyed the story very much. We did once own an apartment about 20 minutes walk from Aphrodite’s rock, so we visited it quite a lot. I have some lovely photos of the rock and the crystal clear water that surrounded it. Happy memories. We sold the apartment a few years ago, as we were no longer using it.

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    • That’s such an amazing connection we have, Hugh, and all this time I never knew! I don’t think I’d go back to Cyprus now, too many unhappy memories, but as you know we go back to other Greek islands almost every summer. I love Greece. Do you miss it at All?

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      • No, not at all, Ali. We got the apartment in 2003, bought it off-plan, and did not move in until Dec 2007. It was great for a few weeks a year, but I get very homesick and I missed being back home after a few days. Also, the fact that the WiFi connection was so poor over there did not help much. I often sat inside the apartment because it was too hot to go outside. Then, along came Toby and we stopped going. However, we did have some good times there, but I was not sorry when we sold up and said goodbye to Cyprus. I still vote for them at Eurovision, though. 😀

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        • Lol! You do love your Eurovision, don’t you? Pets do make it harder to travel, at least not for longer than a week or two, and we do miss them when we’re away, don’t we, so I don’t blame you. Anyway, you have your lovely home in Wales now, instead.

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  2. Hi Ali…. This is a beautiful short story… From the title onwards … I left a comment on Sally´s blog and there I highlighted how much I like certain part of the continuous dialogue between the two characters. In concret these lines: -“Some of the happiest days of my life were lived here”- “And some of the worst,” “I don’t have many left. I’m glad I could spend them here, with you”… I truly liked that… make me think of like and its ups and downs and how the same place can lead to opposite memories somehow (always that thare are human behind places it happens that way, I guess. Places are just a circumstance). Finally I guess that the beach, and mainly the waves, coming back and forth are a good analogy to describe Time and memories. And … probably Life itself. The ending is a good twist, a “realistic” turn, I´d say 😉 Love your writing … Love & best wishes! 😀


    • Wow, that really is a detailed analysis of the story, Aquileana! Thank you, I am delighted it resonated with you so much. I think I said in my reply to you on Sally’s page that the mixed memories the characters have, both good and bad, work so well due to my own mixed experiences of living there as a child, perhaps that;s what makes it seem authentic… because even though the story is entirely fiction, I guess the underlying theme isnt, and personal experience always colours a story with authenticity, don’t you thin? Thanks for such an interesting and insightful comment! xxx

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    • Aw thank You! I think we’re planning to go early June next year… I’m trying to persuade Conor to go for the month, but he’s self employed, so it’s a long time to be off. However, some aspects of his work can be done anywhere there is good internet access… 🤣😄😉 Living in hope!!!

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  3. I was wondering how your daughter is doing. I haven’t seen any posts or pictures of her in a LONG time. I hope everything is ok.


    • Hi Diane, lovely to hear from you, it’s been quite a while… hope all is well with you. Carys is doing really well, thank you. No dramatic changes, but steady progress.I haven’t done much writing or blogging at all this past year, uni has taken up all of my time, and I’ll be heading back in a few weeks. I really must try and get in a Carys update before then. ☺


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