Confessions of a History Student: Messages and Intuition

You may have noticed there was no blog post from me last week. I try really hard to keep the blog updated as often as I can, but sometimes things happen which change that, and this was one of those times.

I had been planning to introduce you to a particular lady from Ireland’s history, and indeed, the post is actually half written. I thought it would be an easy post to write, because I already know something about her. However, so many obstacles popped up during the writing of it, that I gave up; I felt it wasn’t meant for me to write, or at least not yet.

It wasn’t writer’s block, but that all my research seemed to contradict itself, no matter what angle I approached it from. I was frustrated and puzzled.

I was driving home from uni on Thursday, wondering about this, when the following thought came into my head: “You have unfinished business.” Those were the exact words, and here’s where you might think me slightly mad… it wasn’t my thought, it was someone else’s. A message.

I knew straight away what it was about. The previous week, I had written about the mysterious deaths of Eithne and Fidelma. Intuition told me there is more to tell, so I decided to visit the Ogulla Well, where the two princesses are said to have perished. I’ll bring you more about this next week.

confessions of a history student: messages and intuition.

It’s not the first time I’ve had such messages. Once I was given a word which sounded like ‘atal’; believe it or not, that word led me to Ross Castle in Killarney, and O’Donoghue Mór, the man who built it in the late fifteenth century. How and why is a story for another post.

By Disco1878 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Ross Castle, Killarney. Hover for attribution.

At the same time, I was having strange dreams about events which had taken place there, including a beheading, and a friend of mine, who is very spiritual, said there was a strange man hanging around me wearing a black cape. He wasn’t like the spirits she usually saw, I think something about him made her feel a bit uneasy.

It’s a strange thing to describe. It’s not like hearing something with my ears, its more like thoughts appearing in my head that I know aren’t mine, and they’re distinct, so I can tell for example if they’re male or female, or have an accent.

Sometimes, I hear snatches of conversation, or see a brief image of someone’s face. It doesn’t happen very often, probably because generally, I am quite a skeptical person, and only once have I ever felt scared by it.

Dreams are another matter. Our ancient ancestors used to set a lot of store by dreams, and dreams feature quite significantly in the old stories. I don’t dream much, or I should say, I don’t often have dreams I remember. When I do, and they are detailed and clear, I know there is something important about them. Sometimes, it’s not comforting, and two dreams have impacted my life.

Most of all, I trust my intuition. My first experience of the power of intuition was when my first son, Cai was born. When he was about four weeks old, I felt quite strongly that there was something wrong with his hearing. No one believed me, probably because he was so young and tiny and I was a first time mom. Eventually, he had tests, and it was found that his inner ears were filled with fluid, which was indeed affecting his hearing.

Apparently it’s quite common, and the fluid drained away naturally by the time he was seven months old. First time mothers are often treated as if they are paranoid, but I remember the midwife telling to me to trust my intuition, as a mother was rarely wrong.

Since then I have trusted my intuition in other areas of my life too, and have always found it to be reliable. So what is it? It’s hard to define, but for me it’s a deep sense, or feeling, or conviction, that something is wrong, or unusual, or about to happen. I may not know what that something is, but I feel a heightened awareness which makes me look at and question everything.

So now you know something about me I have never told anyone, except that one spiritual friend. I guess it’s not the kind of thing we talk about for fear of being disbelieved, or ridiculed, and because people who ‘hear voices’ are thought of as  having mental health problems.

I expect some people will judge me on this, but that’s ok; I know how strange and unreal it seems. However, I suspect I’m not alone… have you ever had similar experiences?

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55 Comments on “Confessions of a History Student: Messages and Intuition

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  2. Sounds like you are on an incredible adventure Ali, and what a ride it must be…sometimes I wonder too in life if I am dreaming everything (a connection to things I’ve never felt before), or just so absorbed in what I am doing that I notice signs and things I never had before 🙂 Wishing you a great spring ~ and great successes with your projects.

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    • Hi Randall, thanks for dropping by. Sometimes you seem to notice all sorts of things, and other times you notice none, and it makes you feel like you’ve lost something. Its usually when we’re busy in the ‘real’ world, the practical physical one we inhabit, we just don’t have time to take everything in. Sometimes I realise I haven’t heard a bird sing for DAYS… did they all lose their voices? No, it was me, I stopped listening. It’s as simple as that. But I would say you are more observant than most. You are an artist, you have to be, its part of who you are. 😊


  3. So glad I found your blog! I love all the old legends and myths 🙂 ❤

    I seemed to have lost my intuition and I miss it. I’m not sure why that happened but I’m working on trusting my gut more and become more in touch with that aspect of myself.

    Great to meet you!



  4. One man’s intuition is another man’s knowledge, Ali, and I believe that we’ve forgotten a lot of what we used to know. That’s enough to explain most of what’s still inexplicable, for me at least 😉


  5. Julian Jaynes believed all of humanity had bicameral minds up until about three thousand years ago and it was the breakdown of the the bicameral mind which resulted in our reflective self- consciousness. Bicameral humans were guided by voices they heard and Jaynes believes this was the origin of religion. Those interested may seek further information at the Julian Jaynes Society., which has a wealth of information.
    If you consult the NHS information on hearing voices it suggests we are all capable of such experience under the right conditions of stress.
    These days the phenomenon is nothing to be ashamed of and the Hearing Voices Network is crammed full of personnel experiences.
    Jaynes was able to explain many historical facts using his bicameral theory , but not everyone accepts his remarkable explanations.
    The origin of self awareness is in great debate and the general belief is that it arose in humans thousands of years ago.

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    • Hi Kertsen, thanks for your comment. This is not a subject I can debate with you, its something I know nothing about, but hopefully you and Rob will be able to have some interesting discussions! 😊


  6. Congratulations on your 5 year Bloggiversary! I love the air of mystery in your wtiting! You have me looking back on my life wondering if I’ve missed any signs out there… maybe I should slow down and pay some attentions!

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    • We all need to slow down, I think. I miss so much when I’m in the midst of my mad-crazy essay-writing periods at uni… my mind is always on my work that I don’t notice anything like my friendly robin, or the play of light off water, or the blueness of the sky… etc etc. That’s modern life, we’re too busy and so far removed from it all. 😊


  7. I have a strong sense of intuition at times as well and, usually, when I ignore it and go with what my husband wants to do, things go wrong and I regret not trusting my instinct. As for “voices in your head” – my mind is always racing. But, it is me talking to myself, worrying, brainstorming, coming up with stories, and the like. So, I am not aware of that particular experience of yours. That being said, sometimes, images of people (who I don’t know) appear in my head for no reason at all. Not sure what that is about.
    And, when it comes to dreams, well… I have many. every night and they are all adventures that could be turned in short stories… if I remember and would care to write them down. I guess my imagination works best at night!
    PS: Obviously, you are not alone! 🙂

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  9. You touch a topic very dear to me, Ali…
    dreams and what they conceal as keys to progress. We live on the metaphysical level in this dimension, in the dream, we can move without physical constraint, we interact with those from other dimensions; in the space-time, it shows us specific events.
    Premonition, it’s called.
    The protagonist of one of my novels, Chrysalis, joined me in a dream several years ago. I have transcribed the plot from “deep intuition”, I know that I wrote it, but it is as if it were “partly dictated”.
    Even to me, these things are a bit scary, I may say that I feel deep respect… and yes, I prefer not to talk about since most of the people do not understand. In fact, our mind is related to a vibrational level to what they call “collective memory”. But it’s a long story and here isn’t the right place to speak about. Keep trusting your deepest feelings, these never lie and only help you to better your vibrational being… many things are going to change, many horrible things will soon happen, but by trusting our feelings will help us out of the chaos.
    Hugs and serenity :-)claudine


    • Thanks Olga! You are too, kind, I hope so. Please be aware that it does not have its proper cover yet, although I have some beautiful artwork for it, nor is it formatted… I just haven’t had the time. But it’s readable! Xxx


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  12. I’m a skeptic, too, but I have had both sleeping dreams and waking dreams where people I know were in danger. One was a waking dream and it was very complicated regarding a friend I was visiting. Pretty scary sometimes. Mostly, though, I dream of muses and I put them in my poetry! I’ve had several poems based on “visits” from a certain muse that I don’t know in real life. But I love the poems that came out of it…they are some of my favorites. You might like one of my poems from my book–it’s called The Fortress. 🙂

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    • Oh Willow! I’ve hardly visited any blogs since I went back to uni, I’m so sorry! I can hardly fit everything in these days. Time management was never a strength of mine, lol! I will definitely check it out. I love poetry, and it’s the way everything was told in the past, both orally and in writing, from law and medicine to myth and history. So if your muses are bringing poetry, that’s wonderful! The Fortress… it’s a fab title for a poem, I’m curious now as to how literal… or not… that is! 😀 It conjures up great imagery though. I’m not sure quite what you mean by ‘waking dream’… obviously not a vision, but something you participated in or acted out maybe, rather than just observed? A conversation for another place and time, I think. When I saw the beheading, I was actually the person being beheaded. I was dragged down to the lake across the ground, everything I saw was at ground level, legs and feet and the water, people milling around, and the blade, I looked up and saw that, I had to google it because I’d never seen a weapon like that. I knew it was a dream, even though it didn’t feel dreamlike, and I knew it wasnt really me in the dream, more like a memory being shared. Really weird. And I knew throughout that I was safe, I wasn’t going to be hurt, so I wasn’t scared. Was that what your waking dream was like?

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  13. I wonder lately if my house is haunted by my mother’s spirit. If so, I need to find a way to show her to the light. She needed to be released at time of death, but died suddenly, and I hadn’t time to send her in the right direction… Don’t worry about madness. I have “schizophrenia,” yet the new med I take doesn’t make a big difference in how I think. Indeed, it may only “clarify” my intuitive thinking. Intuition is a good thing. “Quest’ce que c’est?” “Je ne sais pas, mais c’est beau.” From _Close Encounters of the Third Kind_. Judge away, anyone 😀

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    • Haha! Love those last three words, Rob! Intuition has to be a good thing. Close Encounters… loved that film! Those notes still send a shiver right through me if I ever hear them!

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      • Intuition is more often fem than masc, but it’s nice to have a balance, neither side excluding the other like a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse. To my symbolical mind, sun = masc (like the yang), moon = fem (like the yin). I wonder, too, why mostly in the West the sun is male and in the East the moon is more important than the sun (e.g. Vedic astrology). Julian Jaynes wrote a book in the early ’70s: _The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind_. It receives ridicule now, but it’s still in print, remarkably… I still have a hard time getting my replies to you thru WordPress. ?


        • Have you posted comments that I haven’t replied to? Sometimes WP does weird things, like consigning people to spam for absolutely no reason. I’m so sorry if that has happened. I can check up on it. There are a lot of comments today, and I am a bit slow in keeping up with them! 😄 Thats why I vet each one now, just to make sure I don’t miss any, but I appreciate it slows things down a bit. I agree, the balance of masc/ fem is good in all of us, we all have characteristics of both. That was important in ancient times too. I think the sun was typically seen as male and the moon as female. Silver also represented the female, and I suppose then gold the male, which would tie in with that. The moon was also associated with the menstrual cycle… 13 moons in the year and 13 menstrual cycles, and typically, the number 13 thus came to be associated with bad luck, as the presence of women was too, ie women on board ships at sea, women with armies, etc. Sigh. 🤣

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          • There are just delays in getting moderated… One more observation: the hemispheres of the brain’s cortex. Left side = mostly men; right = mostly women — but always with crossover due to the corpus callosum, the bridge of tissue that allows the two to communicate. Odd that West and East seem to have evolved similarly, with left brain logic being West and right brain feeling being East. But again I overgeneralize. Thanks for your input, esp re: the menstrual cycle’s concordance with lunar phases. One more: moon is assoc. with mental illness, hence “lunacy” and “lunatic.” But certain I am that you are none of that 🙂

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            • Ah… the moderation lies with me, I’m afraid. Aliisaacstoryteller is a one woman show, and I just don’t have time to be on the blog full-time, too many other responsibilities. I do appologise for that, but I would rather moderate each comment, as I am less likely to miss any. 😊

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  14. Good to see another post from you, Ali 🙂 I’ve actually had quite a few run-ins with the “spiritual” myself. The last time it was really strong was when I visited Newgrange for the first time January 2017. I just remember standing inside the tomb and being overwhelmed with a sort of serenity. It’s hard to explain, but what I’m trying to say is that there’s no judgement coming from me! I swooped up a copy of your new book as well, and can’t wait to read it. I hope this semester at Uni goes well for you. I’m trying to get into a Creative Writing masters program at Cork or Trinity at the moment. Fingers crossed it happens this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow! Bri, a Masters in Creative Writing would be wonderful! Especially at Trinity! 💕 Best of luck with that, you Go, Girl! That feeling of serenity you describe is something I too have felt at ancient sites. In particular, it was incredibly strong at Sheemor, and I really did not want to leave. I also saw flames when I was there, but it wasn’t bad, it was with a good feeling, as if associated with someone, perhaps they lit fires for ritual purposes, or the pyre of the deceased, or celebrated the sun, who knows? But it felt good. Hope you enjoy the book, btw! Lovely to hear from you!


      • Thanks, Ali ❤ Not likely that I'll get in, but I'd be more upset with myself if I didn't try. I just googled Sheemor and of course your blog was the first thing that popped up haha I'll be putting it on my list for places to explore when I eventually make my way back to Ireland! I love that weird feeling you get in ancient places, especially the ones you have some connection with.

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    • Happy Bloggiversary to you, Mark! You are so right, it flies! Here’s to the next five and more… can we keep finding stuff to write about for so long? Will we still be blogging when we’re old and grey???


  15. intuition, instinct, reading the signs, hearing voices – who knows exactly how these things come or what they are – we hardly understand the brain yet. Chances are there’s a physical, in the sense of a rational, explanation there because we know you’re no more dotty than your average mature student – it’s just no one has worked out what bit of the brain is at work creating them. So you’re right to keep listening hard and trying to work to what meaning they might have. Hope they don’t stop you posting, mind!


    • It is far more acceptable these days and not necessarily associated with mental health problems . The web site hearing voices explains . Between 5% and 28% of people hear voices that come from outside their own consciousness. Some suggest that in times long since past we may have been far more aware of such voices than we are today.
      ‘ What was I before I came to self – consciousness? The answer is I did not exist for I was not an I .’ A quote from Nicholas Humphrey ‘ Soul Dust ‘ .


  16. First of all thanks for Swanskin! I’ve been intrigued by this story ever since you started talking about it. Very much looking forward to reading it. I think that voice telling you to get back to Eithne and Fidelma was mine LOL! It’s a story that needs serious investigation and would make a great subject for a Medieval detective story. If only I knew how to write them! Lourdes and a miracle worked on an old nun (the purest and the best of us, of course) have been in the news here, and it made me think of your two murdered women, and how the Church has manipulated hearts and minds, and obviously is still at it.
    The dream and the voices I can quite understand. I get dreams too, very occasionally and hear the odd voice, usually a child whispering “Mummy”. You’re not mad, it’s just that we don’t know everything, not everything has an explanation, and possibly the veil between the ‘here’ and ‘there’ is thinner than we think.


    • I think you’re right, Judith. Since the Enlightenment, we’ve tended to push these things away in favour of Science, and what we can explain, but its always been there, ignored or suppressed or feared. 😊

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  17. Love this as I have been having strange snippets of intuition, weird occurrences and lots of signs. It’s so good to know I am not going insane and there are others out there like me.

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    • Well, you are certainly not alone, but as for insane, maybe we all are! 🤣 These things started happening to me as I got older too, although maybe I was just too young and busy to recognise them when I was younger. 😙

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  18. Hi Ali, sometimes little blips in our lives stop us from doing a post when expected. I still have minor panics when it happens but have largely learned to go with the flow.
    Thank you for your honesty, actually, thank you for trusting us enough to be honest to us. I for one don’t think you ‘doolally tap’ given that Shakespeare said “There are more things in Heaven and Earth” which seems appropriate even if your name isn’t Horatio.
    I look forward to all your updates and new posts as you do them.
    Have a Great Week,
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • Thanks David. I don’t like to post too often, but I do like to keep the blog ticking over and updated with newness. Is that a word? Well it is now! 😀 It’s just a personal goal, and disappointing to me if I don’t. But I’m learning to go with the flow. As for honesty, why is it that honesty can be so scary? Huge hugs to you, hope you have a good week. Xxx

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  19. I read every word of your post, Ali.
    A lot of people know exactly what you’re talking about.
    My wife has similar experiences, but it’s the opposite with her – she thinks I’m the mad one!
    Whatever your beliefs is fine by me and I love to read what you have to say.

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