I Got Bronze!

Blog Awards 2018 Bronze www.aliisaacstoryteller.com Arts&Culture

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I got BRONZE in the Arts and Culture category at the Blog Awards Ireland 2018 last night. I am delighted.

Silver went to Maynooth University Library Treasures Blog (imagine competing in the same category against my own university!), the winner was UCD Library Cultural Heritage Collections Blog. Check them both out… they’re fantastic.

But even better than that was meeting very lovely blogging pal, Tara Sparling, who also won an award.

Congratulations to all the finalists. And a big thank you to my mysterious nominator, and to all the lovely people who take the time to read my posts. I appreciate you.

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73 Comments on “I Got Bronze!

  1. Just catching up with email, Ali. So a huge CONGRATULATIONS! Well-deserved.
    If you get a chance, could you send me a list of things we should see on the east coast of Ireland if we have a few days after our west coast adventure next September? Hugs!

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    • Thanks, Noelle! Yes of course, I will. I’ll have a think and email you… remind me though, I’m bogged down with essays just now, and easily distracted. 🤣


  2. Hi Ali! I know I’ve disappeared from the comment section of so many friends (unforgivable on my part, but I’m trying to make amend now), but I really could not avoid a comment this time!

    I’m so so happy for you and your achievement (I mean, the other two winners were tough clients!) and also for Tara. I’m so happy to learn this news. Both of you gals widely deserve it!!!

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    • Hey! Nice to hear from you! Well, I am hardly around myself lately… sometimes life just gets busy. Friends will always be here for you. Hope all is well. Xxx


    • Thank you, Jack! I am happy with bronze, seeing who I am standing next to. 😊 I have been spending a fair amount of time in the Russell library this semester, looking at ancient manuscripts and even learning to write in the script of the early Irish monks, which was fun. That library does great work. 😊

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  3. Ali – it was so nice to meet you last night, I almost turned into a functioning member of society. Huge huge congratulations on your bronze – yours is by far one of the toughest categories with some of the best written and well-researched blogs in the Irish blogosphere. I’m so delighted you finally got the recognition you deserve, it’s been a long time coming! xx

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  4. Congratulations Ali!! You have worked hard and are well deserving. Thank you for sharing your discoveries and writings with all of us.

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  5. Well done, your blog is engaging & informative so you deserve recognition for your hard work!

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  6. Congratulations Ali! Well deserved. I did check out the Blog Award page but wasn’t sure which one is yours. It doesn’t seem I could access it in any case.

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    • Thanks Heidi! 😊 I think to see the results you have to download a pdf, at least that’s how it worked for me.


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