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Swanskin, a YA novella inspired by the beautiful love story from Irish mythology of Óengus, the God of Love, and the swan-maiden, Caer Ibormeith.


Book One.

Reluctant teen in a wheelchair, Conor, is caught up in an Otherwordly adventure with enigmatic fae princess, Annalee.

“A sophisticated fairy tale of epic proportions that will appeal to adults and children alike.”

“An excellent, well-crafted and imaginative story, rich in Irish lore and mythology, with a large cast of  complex, fleshed- out characters.”

“An unlikely hero with a heart solid as a rock.”

“This isn’t a soft-centred, sugar-coated fairy tale that pretends a severely disabled child can defeat armies single-handed.”

“A story in the mould of the best of Stephen Lawhead.” Read more…

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TFK-largeBook Two.

Conor sets off in a race against time to find the mysterious Fenian King, accompanied this time by his feisty cousin, Ciara.

“This second book from Ali Isaac has certainly picked up pace and provides endless twists and turns and nail-biting chapters, all deliciously portrayed with wonderfully descriptive prose and shards of teenage humour.”

“Ali Isaac switches effortlessly between fairy- and real-time, past and present, parting the nebulous curtain between them with the right combination of confidence and deference.”

“A totally engrossing, totally enjoyable, and in many ways, educational read.”

“This sequel is a darker, more complex page of Conor Kelly’s story.” Read more…

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Ali Isaac retells the captivating myths of Ireland which stole her heart, and upon which her Tir na Nog Trilogy is based. Told in her own style, she has remained true to the original tales as told in The Four Cycles of Irish Mythology.

“I especially appreciate the Glossary of People, Places and Pronunciation at the back of the books.”

“Wonderful book of legends.”

“Told in author Ali Isaac’s distinctive and easy to read style.”

“Isaac is a fantastic storyteller, and she does these tales a great service.”

“This book delves into the heroes that appear in those tales [The Tir na Nog Trilogy Books 1 and 2], without the aspect of a novel weaving them together.” Read more…

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A haunting collection of tragic love stories from Irish mythology. Told in a collaboration with author Jane Dougherty (The Green Woman series).

“Beautifully crafted to carry you away. A must read!”

“Jane and Ali give us a taste of those tales with their retelling of the stories of these Irish myths and with their different, but complimentary, styles of writing make this little book a pleasure to read.”

“I ended up reading this before bedtime last night after opening it up for a quick peek and then reading it to the end.”

“They [the authors] bring new life and understanding to the old tales while keeping true to the style of the old storytellers.” Read more…

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