Of Words and Water 2013

Water. Many of us take it for granted. With the turn of a faucet, an endless supply runs across our hands, douses our face, fills our pots, kettles, tubs and swimming pools. We depend on the life-sustaining qualities of water for everything from the essential to the mundane, to refresh our bodies and quench our thirst, to clean ourselves, our clothes, our automobiles and even to maintain our lawns. For us, the fortunate ones, safe water and sanitation is an integral part of our daily lives. Could we survive without it?

Roughly one in ten of the world’s population do not have access to safe water. Two in five people do not have access to adequate sanitation.(*) WaterAid is working to change that. Since 1981, the international non-profit organization has been transforming lives by helping the world’s poorest communities help themselves.

Of Words and Water is a collection of water-themed works from authors around the globe, all of whom wish to contribute to WaterAid’s invaluable efforts. Our work is given freely: if you enjoy it please give generously to share the gift of clean water, the gift of life.

Of Words and Water 2013 is a delightful selection of varied short stories, poems, and song lyrics from an international group of top class authors, that features Peggy Seeger, noted singer and environmentalist. The cohesive theme is Water – donations to WaterAid can be made at http://www.justgiving.com/Of-Words-And-Water (JustGiving is a tried, tested and trusted site). Every penny helps.

Of Words and Water 2013 is FREE to download from any online book retailer. Please remember to drop by the First Giving page to make your donation, and leave your review on Smashwords or Good Reads. Thank you!

Contributions by Ali Isaac.

Sea Bright – a short story upon which the fictional novel Unique is based. Sea Bright tells the author’s experiences of raising a child with a rare syndrome.

I found Ali Isaac’s autobiographical account of discovering her unborn baby had a rare disorder heart-breakingly honest and poignant but without a whiff of self-pity.” (excerpt taken from a review on Goodreads for Of Words and Water 2013 by Allie Cresswell.)

By The Mill – a light hearted poem written by the author at the age of fourteen, inspired by Preussler’s The Little Water Sprite.


Website http://ofwordsandwater.wordpress.com/

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(*)WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) Report 2013 update

6 Comments on “Of Words and Water 2013

    • Well Im not sure of the pub date but submissions need to be in by end of May, I believe. Let me check and get back to you.


      • Thanks. Now I need to think up a water-themed short story and see if I can get it into presentable shape by the end of May.


        • Oh the theme this year is ‘one world, many nations’ but that’s a loose theme. Does that make it any easier?


          • Water is easier. We’ll see. I’ll let my imagination run with it for a day or two and then write.
            I’d like to peg the theme into my Tiralaind story universe, but the ‘one world, many nations’ makes that a tad harder.


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