Conor Kelly’s Legends of Ireland

It occurred to me that not all people who love Irish myths would be prepared to wade through a trilogy of YA novels to get to them. My Conor Kelly series are stories woven around tales of Irish mythology, as found in the Mythological Cycle, and the Fenian Cycle. Now, I have decided to liberate some of them, and give them their own ebook.

Also included is a new story never published before, based on the gorgeous love story from the Mythological Cycle, ‘The Dream of Óengus Óg‘, a tale which has certainly captivated me and dominated my dreams of late. If you enjoyed my posts on swans and shape-shifting recently, you will love this story!

So if you adore the legends of the ancient world, of adventure, magic and mysticism, mighty Kings and noble Queens, fearless warriors, beautiful Princesses and the mysterious fairy folk known as the Sidhe, if you love stories of love, battles, tragedy, and courage, where the fate of a person is bound up in the land and the spirits, plants and animals which inhabit it, then you should know that Ireland’s mythology has it all in abundance.

There is so much more to Irish mythology than ‘The Children of Lir’, as beautiful a story as it is. Those brave or foolhardy enough to step between the veils to enter the magical realm of the Sidhe and learn more risk much, but surely the search for enlightenment is worth the challenge?

Let me be your guide, and all will be well. I invite you to accompany me now on an epic journey four thousand years back in time to the shadowy past of Ireland’s long-lost legend, where fairy kings and Goddesses walked amongst mortals, and where feats of magic, swordsmanship and courage were customary…”

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You can buy Conor Kelly’s Legends of Ireland on com, and Smashwords for the bargain price of 99c/ 99p.

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