Swanskin – Coming Soon

My latest novel is called Swanskin, and it’s a YA inspired by the gorgeous Irish myth of Óengus, the God of Love, and his swan-maiden, Caer Ibormeith. This is one Irish love story which ends happily, quite unusual for Irish legend.

SwanSkinBookCoverArtSwanskin, however, follows in the grand old tradition of tragic Irish love stories.

It is set in the present day of Ireland’s rural heartland. Dominated by her pushy mother, the last thing resentful teen, Cethlenn, has on her mind as she prepares to sit her final exams, is love.

But the discovery of a mysterious ancient ring leads her to swan Shape-Shifter, Ruadhán, who lost it centuries ago, and wants it back. Cursed to live for eternity as a swan by day and a man at night, only the ring can restore him to his true self.

A string of ethereal, moon-lit trysts, in which Cethlenn can’t be sure if she’s awake or dreaming, distract her from her studies. She soon develops feelings for Ruadhán. Connected by their ‘marks’ – his half-hand, her facial disfigurement – they are drawn together by empathy, and a feeling of having known each other before. They wait for the magic of the ring to work its transformation…

However, love does not run smoothly for Cethlenn and Ruadhan, and life takes an unexpected turn for both of them.

This novel is currently in formatting, and I hope to publish in the near future. It does not yet have a cover, but the artwork for the cover was commissioned from fabulous artist Seamus Mc Ardle.