Riastradh, the Warrior’s Battle Frenzy

The Norsemen were famous for it, the Romans accused the Celts of it, and  it seems our Irish ancestors were capable of it too: the strange phenomenon known as the ‘battle frenzy’. Cuchullain’s battle frenzy was known in Irish as the riastradh, now translated as ‘contortion/ convulsion’, but thought to have originally referred to ‘the red rage of battle’ in ancient times.

Carrion | A Poem

Cold crow, black crow sits in the tree. I’m not afraid of him, he’s not afraid of me. * He flaps and he watches with dark beady eye. He knows things about me as I stumble by. *… Read More

Ali’s Fiction

Ali’s Flash – A selection of flash fiction from a collection I’ve been working on. Rusty “I’ve sorted it,” you say, flinging yourself down on the seat beside me as the engine revs, and the ancient school bus… Read More