I Got Bronze!

I’ve been long-listed for the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016! @BlogAwardsIE #blogawardsireland

I am delighted to have made the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016 Long-List in two categories; Arts and Culture, and Books and Literature. If the judges consider me worthy of short-listing, the winners will be chosen by public… Read More

#BloggersBash Myth 2016: Part Two The Pyjama Party

Two lonely figures made their way cautiously up the loooong winding drive. “Could do with some lights. It’s pitch black around here,” complained Hugh, looking nervously over his shoulder and walking headlong into a gold plated lamppost. “Ouch!”… Read More

The #BloggersBash Agenda and Who’s Who

You’ve all been asking for it… and now you’re gonna get it! The Bloggers Bash Agenda, that is. I can’t believe that it’s already nearly a year since the very first Bloggers Bash. When Sacha, Geoffle, Hugh and… Read More

I got nominated…

For a #championsaward by the lovely Hugh Roberts, thanks Hugh! I met Hugh last summer at the Bloggers Bash in London, although we had already spoken several times on the phone as part of Sacha Black’s Bloggers Bash… Read More

Friday Fantastic Flash with CS Boyack

Author and blogging friend Craig Boyack responded brilliantly to my recent call for participation in my new feature Friday Fantastic Flash, so without further ado, here is his masterpiece. “Captain Stevens, the pressure on the hull is building… Read More

#Bloggersbash | What I learned about Bloggers and Blogging

I know you’re probably fed up of hearing about it, and I promise this will be the last you see of it on this blog… until next year, that is! The #BloggersBash 2015 is over. We had a… Read More

Friday Fantastic Flash

Flash Fiction Friday is a new feature on aliisaacstoryteller, which will run in conjunction with The Friday Fiction. I am inviting all you authors, bloggers and readers to join me and have a go. You can submit here,… Read More

#BloggersBash | How Geoffle Saved the Day OR How the ABBA’s Nearly Never Were

“You!” a voice commands imperiously, a purple talon pointing in my face. “You will help me.” I gulp. We get a lot of weirdos in this joint. You know the type; pale and pasty from inhabiting the dark… Read More

Join in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Live on Facebook! #BloggersBash

The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards, (also known as ABBA), beloved and inspired brainchild of author and blogger Sacha Black, just in case you have been off the planet for a while and didn’t know, has been scheduled for… Read More

Blogger’s Bane… I’ve Been Tagged!

But it’s Ok, it’s not life threatening, and I’ll survive 😄. And despite the title, this latest round has been quite fun! First up is Jane Dougherty, who tagged me on Facebook  to post 7 lines from page… Read More