Ali’s Book Review of Sacha Black’s KEEPERS

There’s this new book come out that I can’t wait to read; it’s called VICTOR, and it’s the second in the series of The Eden East Novels by my friend and author Sacha Black. But today, I want… Read More

Book Review | Abomination by Jane Dougherty

So I read this book last week. It’s called Abomination and its written by author and blogger Jane Dougherty. Now, before I go any further, you need to know something; we may never have met in the flesh,… Read More

Sarah Zama’s Thursday Quotables and Me

Not so long ago, I gave away a free download of a short story I had written, and thought nothing more about it. (You can get your free copy here, if you missed it first time around.) Imagine… Read More

A Day of Surprises

Sometimes, lovely things happen unexpectedly, and you just want to shout about them, not to show off, although I can see why some may think that, but just because they make you feel happy. So I’m going to… Read More

Book Review | Valentine Joe by Rebecca Stevens

I am very pleased to be reviewing books for Children’s Books Ireland and Inis Magazine. CBI is the national children’s books organisation of Ireland. Through their many activities and events they aim to engage young people with books, foster a… Read More

Book Review | Tiger in a Cage by Allie Cresswell

When I realised that the main protagonist of Allie Cresswell’s latest novel, Tiger in a Cage, was not quite the heroine I had believed her to be, I was quite taken aback; I had not seen it coming…. Read More

Book Review | PANAMA by Craig Boyack

I took Craig Boyack’s Panama with me on holiday, and it proved to be a great choice for a holiday read. It bowls along at a fair old pace with plenty of action and a good helping of… Read More

Book Review: Cornerstone; Raising Rook by KA Krisko

I really enjoyed this book. It gripped me from the start and wouldn’t let me go until the last word was read. Krisko has a unique imagination when it comes to building her fantasy worlds. This is the… Read More

Book Review: Lost Boys by Allie Cresswell

One of my favourite reads from last year, Allie Cresswell’s Lost Boys took me by surprise with its lavish, lyrical language and rich narrative. This book is not a quick fix; it will take a bit of investment… Read More

Book Review: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

So you like book reviews? Here’s another one for you. This book would make an excellent Christmas present for someone you know, be they a young person, or simply young at heart. Happy Reading! I bought this book… Read More

Book Review: Skallagrig by William Horwood. A story which will stay with you forever.

Although I review books fairly regularly, and post them on Amazon or Goodreads, I don’t often post them here, on aliisaacstoryteller. The reason for that is that there are some fantastic book review blogs out there who do… Read More