The Politics of Walking Pt 3 Carys is WALKING!

It happened last Wednesday, and I’ve been dying to tell the world ever since. But I needed to be sure it wasn’t a once off thing, a fluke, a happy accident. I also needed to be sure I… Read More

End of an Era

On Friday, Carys finished her last week of school for the year. It was a really sad day, because next term, she will have a new bus driver. Edmund has been taking Carys to school for five years…. Read More

Trust and Lies

I have long felt that Carys can understand more than she is able to indicate to us. In fact, that’s what gave me the idea for the main character in my books… you can’t get a more flawed… Read More

Caring for the Carers

You are probably not aware of it, because it doesn’t seem to be that well publicised, but it’s Carer’s Week this week in the UK and Ireland. Carers Week is all about recognising the hard work, dedication and… Read More

The Art of Coughing

It was a rough night. It’s hard caring for another sick person when you aren’t feeling so great yourself. Carys has a cold. That’s all it is, just a cold. But even the common cold can be dangerous… Read More

The Politics of Walking | An Update

Today, Carys’s walker was sent home from school with a note saying, “We don’t need this at school any more, we don’t use it.” In other words, in the week and a half since I took the Walkolong… Read More

Butterfly Wings

It has been such a bittersweet week. Carys has unexpectedly lost two of her CFC big brothers. Craig was seventeen and lived in Scotland. He had battled through so many challenges, but had the biggest smile and most… Read More

The Politics of Walking

I discovered in a phone call yesterday that Carys’s potential to one day walk is not down to her physical development, or physiotherapy, or even budgets and funding, or lack thereof. No. It’s down to politics. You will… Read More

The Fairy Child

I got long-listed for the third and final time by Fish… I’m not doing it again. Here is my story. They say that the fairy folk, the Sidhe, are wont to steal a human child, should they wish… Read More

Life’s Little Victories

I have a lot to be thankful for today. Carys has a new physiotherapist. I really like her because she cares about Carys, she works with her, not against her. She smiles and sings songs to get Carys comfortable. After… Read More

A Parent’s Hopes and Dreams for their Special Needs Child

It’s 2015… Happy New Year! As it begins, and life is restored to normal after the frenzy of festivities, we turn to reflection on what has been, and what is to come. The turning of a year is… Read More

For Our Lost Children | A Poem

Another morning dawns bright and clear, a winter’s day, cold and still. I should be glad, but I’m gripped by fear, heart heavy, slowed by an aching chill. I feel only empty and sad. * I miss their… Read More