Carys's Sponsored Walk. #livingwithaspecialneedschild 'cardiofaciocutaneoussyndrome #raredesease

A Carys Update: July 2018 The Sponsored Walk

Some of you may remember my recent Facebook posts about the school sponsored walk. In some ways, it’s a bit ironic that a little girl who can’t walk is being asked to go on a sponsored walk. Walking… Read More

Confessions of a History Student: How NOT to Win Friends and Influence People

I could only answer one question on the history exam paper. It said something like, ‘Describe a day in the life of…’ I don’t remember the rest of the question. But the first seven words inspired my creative… Read More

A Mother’s Thoughts and Fears | Update

Some people say that the internet community is not really composed of actual friends. I always felt that wasn’t true, and now, after yesterday’s experience, I know it. I’ll admit I was fragile yesterday. I know if I… Read More

The Egg Stone | A Short Story for #easter

The Egg Stone | A Short Story for #Easter

  An oldie I wrote a long, long time ago, before computers, mobile phones and x-boxes. That’s right, kids, these innovations came into being within my life-time. Hard to imagine, right? Happy Easter to all! When I was… Read More

The Fairy Child

I got long-listed for the third and final time by Fish… I’m not doing it again. Here is my story. They say that the fairy folk, the Sidhe, are wont to steal a human child, should they wish… Read More

Ali’s Fiction

Ali’s Flash – A selection of flash fiction from a collection I’ve been working on. Rusty “I’ve sorted it,” you say, flinging yourself down on the seat beside me as the engine revs, and the ancient school bus… Read More

I Will Know… | A Poem

For my husband, a poem which rhymes. Please note; this poem is based on my imagination, not my real life… As a child I knew much more than adults gave me credit for. Even at the age of… Read More

Mr Papadopolous’s Donkey

Well, I was going to post something altogether different today, and then markbialczak threw down the gauntlet to write a piece for Throwback Thursday, and I couldn’t disappoint, now could I? So Mark, this one’s for you! I… Read More

The Battle for the Disabled Parking Spot

“Disabled parking spaces are for disabled people!” he yelled at me. I know, I thought. That’s why I’m parked in it. But he never gave me the chance to formulate my reply. “They’re not for mothers with children!”… Read More