The Land of the Ever Young Part Two

In my last post, The Land of the Ever Young Part One, we talked about Manannán’s Land, a mythical island kingdom of eternal summer and youth, a place of peace and joy and laughter, thought to be found… Read More

Tlachtga, Goddess of Earth and Fire

My name is Tlachtga, daughter of Mog Ruith. This hill is my place, my heart’s home. Only a few bones remain of what once stood here, for mankind has wrought his destruction upon it, as he did also upon my flesh.

In those days, I rode the skies with my father in the great wheel of light, a rare magic known only to few, and folk would watch and fall to their knees in fearful prayer, claiming we commanded the sun.

For long years after my suffering, great fires were lit in my honour. But time eroded understanding, and the people forgot why.

The Spear of Lugh

Lugh is credited with owning many spears, and as most warriors of the period owned a set of up to four, it’s quite likely that he possessed a fine collection of his own. Most famous of these is simply named after him as Lugh’s Spear, yet it turned up in many stories long after Lugh’s death.

What’s the point of an eye that doesn’t see?

You can call me Goll from now on. No, I didn’t lose an eye in a sword fight, it was much more boring than that. I got an infection in my left eye, which considering that I’ve been… Read More