Confessions of a History Student: How NOT to Win Friends and Influence People

I could only answer one question on the history exam paper. It said something like, ‘Describe a day in the life of…’ I don’t remember the rest of the question. But the first seven words inspired my creative… Read More

Aphrodite’s Rock, #SummerRead #shortstory #romance #Greece

I’m having Greece withdrawal symptoms though, so when the lovely Sally Cronin republished my story, Aphrodite’s Rock, which I wrote especially for her Authors in the Sun Series in 2015, I was surprised and immediately transported to sunnier, more exotic climes. It was just the pick me up I needed… thanks, Sally!

Mr Papadopolous’s Donkey

Well, I was going to post something altogether different today, and then markbialczak threw down the gauntlet to write a piece for Throwback Thursday, and I couldn’t disappoint, now could I? So Mark, this one’s for you! I… Read More