The Friday Fiction Featuring Helen Jones

My dear author-friend and fellow blogger, Helen Jones, has just released her fab new book, A Thousand Rooms, and I was honoured to be able to offer my beta-reading services… all part of my cunning plan to read… Read More

Faded #writephoto

I never liked roses. They are over-blown and gaudy, just like the woman he ran off with; their scent cloying and sweet, like his shirt after he’d been with her; their thorns sharp and piercing, like the words… Read More

Butterfly Wings

It has been such a bittersweet week. Carys has unexpectedly lost two of her CFC big brothers. Craig was seventeen and lived in Scotland. He had battled through so many challenges, but had the biggest smile and most… Read More

For Our Lost Children | A Poem

Another morning dawns bright and clear, a winter’s day, cold and still. I should be glad, but I’m gripped by fear, heart heavy, slowed by an aching chill. I feel only empty and sad. * I miss their… Read More

Carrion | A Poem

Cold crow, black crow sits in the tree. I’m not afraid of him, he’s not afraid of me. * He flaps and he watches with dark beady eye. He knows things about me as I stumble by. *… Read More

Moving On | A Poem

Let me tell you of her, Forsake small understanding; She is the sun after the rain is gone, the smile after tears have fallen, food for my soul. Do you see that now? * It’s bright, this world… Read More

Daughter | A Poem

I wrote this a few years back, at a time when I was never far from the fear of losing her. Looking into her eyes is to look into the Skerries sea, on a silver morning. * The… Read More

The Friday Fiction featuring Squid McFinnigan

The Friday Fiction is a new regular feature to Aliisaacstoryteller. It’s my small way of supporting my fellow Indie Authors, while bringing new and exciting writers whom I admire to your attention. There will be no interviews, no… Read More


Carys was dying in my arms, and there was no-one around to help me. Actually, that wasn’t strictly true. There were plenty of people driving their cars past me, filing bumper to bumper, in a long slow unconcerned… Read More