Confessions of a History Student: Messages and Intuition

You may have noticed there was no blog post from me last week. I try really hard to keep the blog updated as often as I can, but sometimes things happen which change that, and this was one… Read More

Friday Fantastic Flash with Bri Ollre and Jane Dougherty

Last weeks Friday Fantastic Flash Challenge was this; Daydream. Vision. Nightmare. You close your eyes. Where do you go when you sleep? First up is a newcomer to this blog and this challenge by the name of Bri… Read More

The Aisling | Not so Sweet Dreams in Irish Mythology

In Irish mythology, Óengus Óg is famous for his dream. It changed his life. In fact, it almost killed him. It also went on a long time, a whole year in fact. Do you think it is possible for a dream to have such an effect? Perhaps you think you never dream. Nowadays, we believe that dreams are just the manifestations of an over-active mind attempting to process the events and experiences of our waking moments. In ancient times, however, they were seen as far more significant.

The Friday Fiction featuring Patrick de Moss

  Patrick’s intriguing author portrait has been created by photographer Tanya Linnegar.  Lost Dreams I “Auntie” Rita and her Tree Tonight, Rita dreams of her tree. She can’t help it. In this place, she has no power, not… Read More