The Friday Fiction featuring Alexes Razevich

Extract from KHE by Alexes Rasevich I pulled my cloak tight, as though that could keep me safe if she awoke from her trance and grabbed for me. On my knees, moving slowly, I began to gather my few things…. Read More

Researching a Fantasy Story, and How Mythology Helps by Guest Author Craig Boyack

If there are two things you have learned about me from following this blog, it’s 1. I love mythology, and 2. I love researching mythology! It seems I am not alone; fellow author and blogger, Craig Boyack, has… Read More

The Friday Fiction featuring Michael Fedison

The Eye-Dancers Excerpt Peering out his bedroom window, his eyes flattened into squinting slits, Mitchell Brant saw her. “No,” he said.  “It can’t be her.  It can’t be.” But it was.  She had come again. He looked away,… Read More

Book Review | The Cock of the South by Craig Boyack

With this book, author CS Boyack has proven two things; He is a brilliant story-teller (I already knew this, having previously read ‘Panama’). That writers can excel in more than just one genre. By his own admission, ‘The… Read More

The Friday Fiction featuring K.A. Krisko

Cornerstone: Raising Rook  PROLOGUE For his thirteenth birthday, his father gave him a rock. Lorcas got up earlier than he wanted to, because it was bright and sunny and he couldn’t sleep. He staggered downstairs to breakfast in… Read More

The Friday Fiction featuring Craig Boyack

“This excerpt is from a fantasy called The Cock of the South. I hope to have it published on Amazon by the end of summer. This involves a group of dwarves who become refugees from the humans. The… Read More

Book Review: Cornerstone; Raising Rook by KA Krisko

I really enjoyed this book. It gripped me from the start and wouldn’t let me go until the last word was read. Krisko has a unique imagination when it comes to building her fantasy worlds. This is the… Read More

The Fenian King

Watch out! He’s coming… It has been a year since Conor restored the lost Four Treasures of Eirean to the Sidhe. During that time, there has been great unrest in the magical realm of Tir na Nog. The… Read More