Lough Sillan, Co. Cavan.

Air, Water, Earth and Fire

I needed to get some air. Clear my head. Breathe. Feel the wind ruffle my hair. Listen to the sound of birds, let the slap of water on the shore soothe away my tension. I needed to feel… Read More

A Mother’s Thoughts and Fears

It’s 630 in the morning, and outside, the sky is dark, but not so black as my mood. Carys is on her way to the children’s hospital in Dublin, and I’m sitting here, chain-drinking coffee while my heart… Read More

Freestyle Writing Challenge No 3

The more you do, the easier it gets! To find the inspiration, that is. I really enjoyed this one, although I had so much more I wanted to write. The ten minutes flew by, and I hardly got… Read More

Moving On | A Poem

Let me tell you of her, Forsake small understanding; She is the sun after the rain is gone, the smile after tears have fallen, food for my soul. Do you see that now? * It’s bright, this world… Read More


I woke up suddenly. Something wasn’t right. I listened carefully to the sounds of the house all around me. Conor lay sleeping peacefully beside me. Vague noises from the telly room told me the boys were already up… Read More