Merman | A Poem

I haul you in, I, the Fisher Girl and you, my greatest prize.   You lie, wet and shining, in the bottom of my boat, weak, frail, spent.   You are dying. Caught in my net, trapped too… Read More

By Len Rizzi (photographer, original image), reprocessed by Off-shell - File:NCI Visuals Food Hamburger.jpg, Public Domain,

Junk Food Past and Present | The Diet of Our Ancient Irish Ancestors

“The menu for this evening is pasta or chicken nuggets and chips,” I announced, smiling smugly to myself. Two ten year old boys in the house; it was obvious what they’d choose. “Pasta!” they both chorused, much to… Read More

The Ancient Irish Coracle

Coracles were used in ancient times to navigate the rivers, lakes and seas of Ireland. This fascinating short film shows how they were made and used. In ‘Conor Kelly and The Four Treasures of Eirean’, Conor rides in… Read More