Aphrodite’s Rock, #SummerRead #shortstory #romance #Greece

I’m having Greece withdrawal symptoms though, so when the lovely Sally Cronin republished my story, Aphrodite’s Rock, which I wrote especially for her Authors in the Sun Series in 2015, I was surprised and immediately transported to sunnier, more exotic climes. It was just the pick me up I needed… thanks, Sally!

Knossos, Capital of Ancient Crete and the Legend of the Minotaur

 I visited Knossos whilst I was in Crete recently. Knossos is said to be the ancient capital of Crete, home to legendary King Minos. The walls of Knossos are tumbled now, long derelict and bleached by the sun… Read More

Ancient Stones

  Yesterday, I wandered the ancient site of the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento… It is a jaw-dropping experience!   There are temples to Hercules, Hera (Juno), Demeter and Kore, Zeus (by far the largest but now… Read More