Incredible Irish Women | Saint Dympna

Incredible Irish Women | Saint Dympna

Today I visited the shrine of Saint Dympna in a tiny little place called Lavey in Co. Cavan. Although Dympma is quite a well-known seventh century saint in Ireland, her association with Lavey is a relatively unknown local… Read More

The Reluctant Mother

On days like this, when the sun is shining, and the sky is an uninterrupted blue, particularly on days like this, I feel how my wings have been clipped more keenly than normal. I want to soar into… Read More

Sometimes, life gets in the way…

The day after my last post, I sat down to my laptop with renewed determination. Just as I was getting into my flow, the phone rang. It was Carys’s teacher. “Carys is really not happy. She has been… Read More


My daughter’s heart is a ticking time-bomb with a fuse of indeterminable length. It could blow at any minute. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This will be her stalker, prowling along behind her for all of her life. A dangerous killer… Read More