The Sign on the Ivy-Wrapped Tree

A few weeks ago, I posted about my Walk of Wonder, and among the photos I posted was this…   I was intrigued by the cords of the ivy which had wrapped around the tree trunk; they reminded… Read More

Irish Tree Lore – The Hawthorn

In the last few weeks, the fierce golden blaze of yellow gorse which swept through Ireland’s hedgerows like wild-fire, has given way to the gentler, creamy-white froth of hawthorn blossom.Β In Irish mythology, tree lore features in many of… Read More

Walk of Wonder

I took Indi the Mutt-Hound for a walk up the lane yesterday. Hadn’t been that way with him for a while, and I was blown away by what I found! Irish wildflowers are flourishing in the verges and… Read More

Strange Goings On

Yesterday, I pulled open my bedroom curtains, and out fell a butterfly onto the floor, a large, beautiful red and black butterfly. It sat on the floor, fluttered its wings open twice, and then, with an air of… Read More