Tailtiu, the Church of St Patrick and the Eastern Fort

Teltown is a vast and complex ancient site of some significance dating to the Iron Age. Features include the remnants of mounds, ring forts, earthen ramparts, artificial lakes, and an ancient roadway, but much of these have been erased from the landscape through the actions of farming over the years.

Where Do You Go To See The Book of Kells?

Answer: Not Kells! Sadly, you have to go all the way to Dublin to see this famous manuscript, which now resides in the library at Trinity College. The famous Book Of Kellsย is an illuminated manuscript of the four… Read More

Watch “‘The Waiting Game’ by Kells Youthreach (Senior)” on YouTube

‘The Waiting Game’ by Kells Youthreach (Senior): Kells Youthreach are a bunch of young people who have made this short film aimed at stopping young people from smoking, and they have entered it in the Irish Cancer… Read More