The Elixir of Youth Everlasting

Achieving immortality by way of a drink fermented from honey is spoken of in many mythologies around the world; Nectar/ Ambrosia in Greek mythology, Amrita in Vedic mythology, Mead in Norse mythology, for example. In Ireland, we have such a myth, too.

Blogger’s Bane… I’ve Been Tagged!

But it’s Ok, it’s not life threatening, and I’ll survive 😄. And despite the title, this latest round has been quite fun! First up is Jane Dougherty, who tagged me on Facebook  to post 7 lines from page… Read More

Faeth Fiadha, Manannán’s Cloak Of Concealment

In Irish mythology, the Faeth Fiadha (pronounced feh fee-o-ha) is the name of the mysterious mantle of fairy mist which blurs the border between the world of the mortal, and the magical realm of the Sidhe, the Otherworld known as… Read More