A Step Closer to the Mysterious Origin of the Viking Sword Ulfberht | Ancient Origins Mind boggling and intriguing! If you enjoyed my post on the Smith in Irish mythology, and Dan’s post on the Celtic forge and metalworking techniques, you’re going to love this article about the mysterious Ulfberht Viking sword!… Read More

Army Assists With Study of Anglo-Saxon Sword – Archaeology Magazine

Following on with this weeks theme of the Celtic Forge, I just came across this article which I thought may be of interest. This is more of an early medieval sword, so not quite so early, but still… Read More

Image courtesy of Jeff Kubina, Wikipedia.

Meet Dan |The Modern Celtic Blacksmith

Today I have a very special guest on the blog – meet Dan, the modern Celtic Blacksmith! I’d been a blacksmith (mostly in a hobbyist capacity) for nearly decade when in 1998 this passion combined with my historical… Read More

Image courtesy of Jeff Kubina, Wikipedia.

The Blacksmith in Irish Mythology

The most famous blacksmith in Irish mythology is Goibniu (pronounced Gov-new). He was one of the Tuatha de Danann, contemporary with Nuada Argetlam and the Dagda. His name comes from Gobae, or Gobann, which is Old Irish for ‘smith’, although I would say that it is… Read More