Inside the Cave of Cats.

Inside the ‘Hell-Mouth’ of Ireland (video)

There is a cave at Cruachan. Its small dark mouth yawns at your feet beneath a shroud of hawthorn bushes, and is never lit up by the sun. You can slide your way in, if you dare. The only way is supine on your belly, sinuous as a snake in the thick blackness, or on your back, enclosed so closely that the rock wall brushes your skin as you pass, the weight of the earth pressing on your consciousness, on your lungs, filling you with the fear of rockfalls, of demonic creatures which burst through from the Otherworld, of the terrible Goddess of strife and death we call the Morrigan, of the dread that once inside, you will become trapped, unable to ever return to the surface.

The 5 Fifths of Ireland

In ancient Ireland, our ancestors found significance and meaning in everything, not just people and animals but in such things as the seasons, the wind, dreams, and so on. It’s hardly surprising, then, that certain numbers took on sacred meaning too. The number 5 crops up quite a lot in Irish mythology, but why? And what does it mean?

How to Write a Bestseller Like the Ancient Bards

In Ireland, the urge to create literary masterpieces was rigorously moulded and polished by decades of training, and was a skill highly revered. (You can read more about the poets, bards and filidh here.) The earliest writing exists in… Read More

Irish Tree Lore – The Hawthorn

In the last few weeks, the fierce golden blaze of yellow gorse which swept through Ireland’s hedgerows like wild-fire, has given way to the gentler, creamy-white froth of hawthorn blossom. In Irish mythology, tree lore features in many of… Read More

Irish Tree Lore | The Apple Tree

I love trees. I have always loved them. Not in the tree-hugging sense, but as in respect, awe, admiration. Seeing trees being cut almost hurts, and certainly makes me feel incredibly sad. In Irish mythology, tree lore features… Read More

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Ogham: The Secret Code of our Ancestors

One of the most intriguing mysteries we have inherited from our early Irish ancestors, in my opinion, is the lack of historical documentation they left behind. It is generally accepted, nowadays, that theirs was an oral tradition. Histories… Read More