My Daughter is NOT Disabled!

Disabled. I hate that word. Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with it as a word in itself. It’s just that, when applied to people, it’s so negative and judgemental. I mean, is it just me? When did it… Read More

More than just a Toothbrush

Last week, Carys got a new toothbrush. Not just any old toothbrush, but a Dr Barman’s toothbrush. It has a flat head which looks like two tiny brushes stuck together at an angle. It fits perfectly over her… Read More

To Grow or Not to Grow | A Parent’s Decision

This week, we have been called upon to make a tough decision about Carys. She’s very small, about the size of a five or six-year-old, yet in nine weeks’ time she’ll be nine years old. Her hands and… Read More

Carer’s Week| My Radio Interview

Carer’s Week| My Radio Interview