Lough Sillan, Co. Cavan.

Air, Water, Earth and Fire

I needed to get some air. Clear my head. Breathe. Feel the wind ruffle my hair. Listen to the sound of birds, let the slap of water on the shore soothe away my tension. I needed to feel… Read More


The birth of a child with a rare syndrome like Carys is truly a lesson in human nature, your own as much as anyone else’s. It’s like taking a trip into the dark side of your soul. It’s… Read More


“She’s retarded!” The word slipped out and hung in the air like a banner between us, dancing with flashing lights and big pointy arrows. There was no clawing it back through the shocked silence which followed. Such an ugly word,… Read More


” Er… excuse me! “ The man tapped me on the shoulder. I was holding Carys, trying to get her coat on. It was late, she was tired, and we were about to leave. We had spent the… Read More