Three Little Words – A Short Extract from Conor Kelly and The Fenian King

‘But Ruairi was alive. He would recover. Conor glanced over at him; he was now sleeping peacefully. Sorcha was leaning over him, speaking softly, her hair falling gently over her face like a curtain, enclosing herself and Ruairi… Read More

MacCool by Name, and Cool by Nature

Ok, I promised it, so here it is; the second part of my retelling of the Fionn mac Cumhall story. *** Fiacha’s Gift   In the cold light of morning, when the bravado of too much wine had… Read More

I just love a strong, handsome hero…especially if he’s Irish!

And if the legends which shroud him go back thousands of years, so much the better. How exciting it is, to put flesh on the bones of the enigmatic heroes of mythology, to breathe life into their memory, and… Read More

I just love researching for my books!

I do, I really do! Sometimes it’s even more fun than the actual writing! Why do I say this? Because today I discovered something wonderful. I was looking up Fionn mac Cumhall’s family tree. His father was Cumhall (obviously!),… Read More