The Friday Fiction featuring Dax Christopher

Justice in Winter (The Goddess of Wind and Rain) Deep in the woods off a long, winding road, and finding no reasons for where she now lay Was a broken young woman half buried in snow, just married,… Read More

The Christmas Gift with Heart

The Big Reveal: The Cover Art for our Wateraid Anthology

Available this Monday 1st July from Smashwords. Don’t forget to go to Just Giving to make your donation to Wateraid. Thank you.

Of Words and Water #2: The Healing Power of Water

I have always lived near water. In Co Cavan, where I now live, it is said there is a lake for every day of the year…that’s a lot of water! If Wicklow is the Garden of Ireland, then… Read More

Of Words and Water

I spent much of my childhood living in hot countries. Kuwait is a desert country in the Middle East. I remember at junior school, watching the thermometer climb to 50’C…in the shade! Initially, we lived on a farm… Read More