My Daughter is NOT Disabled!

Disabled. I hate that word. Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with it as a word in itself. It’s just that, when applied to people, it’s so negative and judgemental. I mean, is it just me? When did it… Read More

A Parent’s Hopes and Dreams for their Special Needs Child

It’s 2015… Happy New Year! As it begins, and life is restored to normal after the frenzy of festivities, we turn to reflection on what has been, and what is to come. The turning of a year is… Read More


I first became aware of this strange human condition in junior school. We had been set a project by the art teacher. I wanted my picture to be perfect, the best I could make it, so I was… Read More

My Fun Friday

I could see her approaching, wending her way through the tables toward me with a determined look in her eye. She had something to say, and Bejaysus, she was going to have her say. I prepared myself mentally… Read More

The Battle for the Disabled Parking Spot

“Disabled parking spaces are for disabled people!” he yelled at me. I know, I thought. That’s why I’m parked in it. But he never gave me the chance to formulate my reply. “They’re not for mothers with children!”… Read More

The Wheelchair

The occupational therapist stuck his head through the physiotherapy room door. “Alison, can you bring Carys in for her wheelchair fitting on Thursday?” It was a simple enough question, not even a completely unexpected one, but my reaction… Read More