Jenni Maguire

This second book from Ali Isaac has certainly picked up in pace and provides endless twists and turns and nail biting chapters, all deliciously portrayed with wonderfully descriptive prose and shards of teenage humour! A really exciting read.


This is an adventurous tale interwoven with Irish lore. There are a lot of characters and details to keep track of, but this book is well worth putting the time into.

Michael Fenster

One is transported back to the days and evenings of the bard singing tales by the firesode. The only thing missing was the harp and feast! A highly recommended resource for any interested in the tales of old!

Jane Austen Fan

I really enjoyed reading Conor Kelly and the Four Treasures of Eirean. It was educational. I learned a lot about Irish mythology and history, as well as it’s geography. It is tremendously informational, well researched and interesting. It… Read More

L. M. Steel

It was a total joy to read and was a book I found myself eager to get home and read in the evening (taking over my desire for my evening soaps, which says a lot!). I have not enjoyed… Read More


 The narrative has it all; fighting, magic, mystery, epic battles, supernatural powers and a good dose of what film listings bill as `mild to moderate peril’. But it is also beautifully grounded in the kind of everyday detail that… Read More

K. A. Krisko

Quest-based, melding time-travel with story-book beasts, there’s plenty of action, ranging from heroic battle-scenes to one-on-one epic fantasy conflicts. There’s magic, but it’s tempered by the need for logic and the difficulty of obtaining and using it, and… Read More

C. L. Deards

Anybody who enjoys the books written by Stephen Lawhead (Taliesin, The Paradise War, The Pendragon Sage, Hood and The King Raven Trilogy) will find kinship with the tale of Conor Kelly and The Four Treasures of Eirean by… Read More

Barb Taub

The two books I’ve read so far are an amazing achievement. Not only do they provide the adventure and excitement necessary to carry any YA epic, but they also showcase the growth—even when not always positive—of one of… Read More

Cathy R.

This is an epic tale of myth and magic, woven in with the present day, and a very out of the ordinary hero. An excellent, well crafted and imaginative story, rich in Irish lore and mythology, with a large… Read More